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Novel manufacturing or coating process for stamped parts

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Jan 8

Siemens is looking for a favourable combination of corrosion-resistant and colouring (RAL 7031) surface for a stamped-bent part.


Siemens use miniature circuit breakers (MCB) in several of their products including switch cabinets in homes, industrial machines, or large vehicles such as trains or ships. The conditions that the MCBs have to withstand range from the different types of climates and atmospheres that are common for the applications mentioned above. A stamped-bent part (handling clip) is used to connect levers of the miniature circuit breakers (MCB). The lugs on the stamped-bent part are bent after mounting on the MCB (45° - see picture). Currently, the part is made of steel and the process involves stamping, galvanic treatment and finishing with lacquer.

Siemens is interested in finding novel methods for manufacturing this handling clip. Solutions that involve corrosion-resistant and colouring coatings for the handling clip are also welcome.

Delivery of the finished coloured clips as bulk material comes closest to our current production facility. Therefore, we valorize this approach.


Key success Criteria
  • Torsion-resistant component (currently used material: steel EN 10025 S235JR)
  • Maximum component thickness incl. coating: 0,7 mm
  • Outer surface partially with grooves (see picture)
  • Corrosion protection: 48h Salt spray test DIN EN ISO 9227
  • Visible surfaces must be coloured (see picture)
  • Color RAL 7031 (blue-grey)
  • Abrasion-resistant surface (bulk material)
  • Suitable for mass production > 1.000.000 pieces/a
  • Rust protection and colouring must not crack during the subsequent bending process.
  • Temperature application range: -45°C ... +100°C
  • Solvent-resistant: colouring and corrosion protection must still be present after cleaning 15 sec. with pure ethyl alcohol
  • UV-resistant: no visual differences after 240h Sol II
  • The materials used must be free of raw materials in accordance with EU Directive 2011/65/EC (RoHS) and must meet the requirements of REACH Regulation 1907/2006/EC.
  • Visible surface (see picture): Uniform surface, opaque colour, no optically visible differences in structure and degree of gloss.
Possible Approaches
  • Single part + corrosion-resistant electroplating + painting
  • Single part + coloured corrosion-resistant electroplating
  • Process for coloured and corrosion-resistant coating of individual parts
  • Single part steel + Al electroplating + anodizing
  • Pre-coated strip, when separating to single parts spread coating on cutting surface + painting
  • Supply for further processing (assembly) at Siemens preferably as solid bulk material 
Approaches not of Interest

Siemens is open to all solutions that meet the success criteria.

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Jan 2
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We are looking for concise, non-confidential proposals. The proposal should:

  • Describe the technical approach
  • Provide information on the performance of the technology (if available)
  • Include a description of the responding organisation or team and their experience.

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