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Durable, Low-Profile Electronic Field Monitoring

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Mar 26, 2015
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Ohio Third Frontier Gallery


Nick Kacsandi

Supply or licensing of hardware and software solutions. Anticipated annual new product volumes up to 5,000 units, in addition to field retrofit opportunities up to 2,000 units. Actual volumes will depend on cost of the hardware/software solution in relation to cost of the parent product. Recurring revenue, through technology licensing, may be possible for associated software tools with smart technology applications aimed at delivering detailed asset intelligence. Joint development of the software interface would be acceptable.



Phase 1 - Proof of concept and field testing (3 months)

Phase 2 - Implementation & Enhancement (6 months)



Funding up to $100,000 may be available for development or proof-of-concept where applicable and depending on the scope of the proposed solution.




Phone: +1-216-283-3901


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Durable, Low-Profile Electronic Field Monitoring
RFP Description
NineSigma, representing A Global Industrial Electrical Products Manufacturer, invites proposals for a turnkey or nearly turnkey seamless hardware & software solution for asset tracking, inventory management and theft prevention of the manufacturer's products in use by customers in the field. The client would like to re-brand the solution and offer it to the market as their own.

Large scale industrial or field operations involve the deployment of vast amounts of resources (equipment, tools, machinery, components, etc.) distributed across a variety of locations. As operations progress, these resources can be lost, stolen or simply reallocated to a new site. Without appropriate security measures in place it is impossible to track these fluctuations in inventory. Advancements in inventory control systems have made supply chain operations more transparent, however tracking technologies at the end user are often not as robust.


NineSigma’s client seeks to improve this transparency by incorporating better control mechanisms into their product stream. Ideal solutions must be low profile to ensure efficient integration with the product and should be fully functional in close proximity to power distribution equipment. The client has issued this global call to identify partners with the technology and capabilities to collaborate on near-term development and commercialization initiatives.


The client’s products are built to be used in harsh environments over long periods of time. Ideal solutions include location-tracking hardware and user-configurable software capable of reliable performance in industrial work environments across (potentially) long distances. Turnkey solutions are of significant interest. Implementation should be possible on products with several different price points. Base hardware acquisitions should be cost competitive when implemented on lower priced products ($400 range).


Anticipated Project Phases or Project Plan

Phase 1 – Proof of concept and  field testing (3 months)

  • Proof of Concept (GPS or other next generation approach), including

    • Hardware – suitability, durability, form, fit, function

    • Software – operating system, user interface, satellite connection

  • Field test – 2-3 customer tests

Phase 2 – Implementation & Enhancement (6 months)

  • Expansion to installed base

  • Enhanced System capabilities (software)

  • Potential sensor expansion (smart monitor)

  • Inclusion of low cost secondary RFID devices in solution


Criteria for Moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2

  • Solution meets form, fit and function criteria

  • Successful field test for suitability and durability

  • Demonstrated system capabilities and expansion path

  • Potential to protect technology or use upgrade path to defend against competition



Key Success Criteria

The successful technology will:

  • Record and track tagged items reliably across various, distributed locations

  • Record asset inventory at regular intervals

    • Ideally, allow for “on request” tracking

  • Integrate with existing inventory control systems OR include its own tracking and control system

  • Securely transfer data to an integrated base station

  • Operate without interference in close proximity to power distribution equipment

  • Have the lowest possible profile, either:

    • For integration into small products via overmolding
    • For integration or attachment onto the surface of large products
  • If compatible with plastic overmolding:
    • Be compatible with molding conditions up to 500F and 1500psi for 10 minutes
    • Operate without interference under 0.5-inch thick plastic

  • If not able to overmold, then the technology must:

    • Install onto aluminum substrate
    • Have strong environmental resistance
      • UV
      • Humidity
      • Corrosion
      • Extreme temperatures: -30F to >120F
  • Have a price point or per unit cost less than 5% of value of client products



Possible Approaches

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • RFID technologies that can be overmolded or implanted in thermoplastic parts
  • Low-profile GPS technologies without an obvious dish type antenna
  •  Solutions meeting the RFP criteria that integrate with existing inventory control or security systems
  • Component technologies supported by development and engineering capabilities or partnerships to address the Key Criteria above, including:
    • Sensors and monitoring technologies
    • Antennas and receivers
    • Base stations
    • Wireless transmitters
  • Solutions from across industry, including but not limited to: Inventory Control, Logistics, Transport, Aerospace & Defense, Medical, Manufacturing, etc.




Approaches not of Interest

The following approaches are not of interest:

  • Non-integrated solutions (hardware/software)

  • Technology with limited operating life

  • Technology with client-server architecture or heavy software footprint




Items to be Submitted

To respond, please make sure you are registered in NineSights, as it will prompt you to log in. Then, use the Response options at the top or bottom of the page. You may submit supplemental files in addition to your completed response form.


Appropriate responses will use the response form and address the following:

  • Non-confidential description of proposed technology
  • Technical maturity of the approach (concept, prototype, ready to commercialize, commercialized)
  • Estimated cost or pricing of technology (if available)
  • Potential upgrade path to add functionality over time
  • Ability to enhance offering at 1 year intervals based upon ongoing development efforts
  • Organizational position on intellectual property and licensing
  • Desired relationship with sponsor
  • Team description and related experience


Other Request information includes:



Responses from companies (small to large), academic researchers, other research institutes, consultants, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, or inventors are welcome. For example:


You represent a company that has demonstrated a proof of concept for location-tracking solutions capable of reliable performance in industrial work environments.


You represent a manufacturer with commercially available products for location tracking, asset management, asset planning, and theft deterrence.


You represent an organization with expertise in overmolded sensors and RFIDs, or other applicable technologies



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