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SRC2 and Insurance Coverage


Teams interested in competing in the Space Robotics Challenge Phase 2 are required to obtain insurance coverage for the duration of the Challenge.

In an effort to assist potential competitors, it is no longer required to provide proof of insurance during the registration process.

Teams have two options for providing proof of suitable insurance coverage:

  1. Uploading proof of coverage now, using the upload mechanism provided in the online registration form OR
  2. Emailing proof of coverage to no later than 5pm CT on January 31, 2020. 

Any team that does not provide proof of insurance by the January 31 deadline will not be permitted to participate in the Challenge.


Atif Ali

I just got this email from Event Helper as well: 

Thank you for your email.
Unfortunately we cannot insure this risk. I apologize, we know that we are on their list of recommended companies, but we cannot.
Please let me know if you have any other questions!
Best Regards,
The Event Helper Customer Service Staff
 I am wondering how international teams met this requirement last time around?  
Nov 13 at 08:56 AM
Steven Gray

AFAIK, Event Helper was the only one that worked for Phase 1 (unless you're part of a university or corporation that'll provide coverage for you).  No such luck this time.  Last time, someone from Space Center Houston talked directly to The Event Helper to arrange something, then Nine Sigma emailed it out as an option (i.e. my post from Oct 30th)

Nov 6 at 07:59 AM
Victor Lopez

I have attempted to contact all companies listed on the registration packet.


For now I've only received a response from

I apologize, but unfortunately we cannot insure you unless you are in the US and performing actions at an event venue in the US. Unfortunately you are the second client that has been sent to us in the same situation.
I'll be updating as I get more answers
Nov 6 at 12:48 AM
Victor Lopez

Does anyone have an update on this? Have you managed to get an insurance? Registration closes in less than 2 months.

We have the additional complication of having a mix of US and non US nationals on the team, not living in the US.

Nov 5 at 07:59 PM
Pramuditha Aravinda

Anyone managed to get insurance covered in this situation? We are also have the same requirement.

Nov 8 at 11:23 PM
Atif Ali

Exact same situation here too! 

Nov 13 at 08:57 AM
Dan Barry

Sigh, this requirement again.  It made some sense when there was hardware involved, but for a purely software-based challenge?  DARPA does not require insurance for software challenges, so it is not a government requirement.  Perhaps we can ask NASA to revisit the need.  The biggest risk here is carpal tunnel from too much coding :/

Nov 1 at 12:57 AM
Paul Jurczak

Exactly! There is no insurance requirement for virtually identical DARPA competition. I think NASA is just reusing and old legal boilerplate from SRR competition.

Nov 9 at 12:39 PM