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Translucent Leather or Translucent Artificial Leather-like Foils

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Yanfeng Automotive seeks a decorative cover stock for automotive interiors that looks and feels like leather but at the same time is translucent to transmission of a specific luminance of a specific wavelength of light.



Currently, Yanfeng Automotive covers a three-dimensional substrate with leather for applications such as decorative automotive interior panels.  Yanfeng Automotive desires a leather-like cover stock that is at the same time translucent.


Photo Reference: Volker Mai / Fraunhofer IZM

Key success Criteria
  • Performance temperature range: −40°C to 110°C
  • Light specifications:
    • Required luminance between 600 and 1000 cd/m2 (wavelength of light source ranging from 400-700 nm)
    • Transmittance spectrum > 10%
  • Resistance to scratch, abrasion, and mar
  • Chemical resistance to window and all-purpose cleaners, sunscreen, bug spray, and perspiration
  • Withstands 85°C and 90% relative humidity for 96 hours with no outgassing, fogging, or VOC’s of concern


Possible Approaches
  • TPO and PVC Foils
  • Natural leather


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Dec 31, 2019
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