Nike is seeking new, innovative footwear solutions that are more hands-free and improve ease-of-use for athletes of all abilities, including those with limited dexterity. Designs should be functional, designed for performance, and enable people to more easily put on, secure and take off their shoes. 


Successful technologies will be:

  • Optimized for easy entry, closure and exit of a shoe
  • Engineered for high performance and fit
  • Transferrable across a wide range of shoe sizes and styles
  • Viable solutions ready for prototyping


Solvers should take into account designing for people, or a caregiver of a person, with:

  • Limited dexterity or a cognitive disability that impacts ability to tie shoe laces
  • Limited reach that impacts ability to put on, secure or take off a shoe
  • Restricted use of lower body, arms or hands
  • Reduced movement of feet or ankles


The following approaches are of less interest:

  • Powered systems
  • Traditional zipper technology
  • Technology requiring a separate, non-integral tool or device