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Rapid Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Welded Seams

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Feb 6
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Licensing, product acquisition, proof of concept leading to scale-up to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement


Phase 1 – Technology Assessment – 3 - 6 months

Phase 2 – Development plan / Scale up – 12 - 24 months


All terms to be negotiated depending on technology status


Keywords: Welding, Mass manufacturing, metal processing, experts, consultancy, NDT, NDI, Weld Seams, 3D Joints, Inline Quality Testing

For questions and comments, you are welcome to contact the Ninesigma Programme Manager, Oliver Worsfold.


RFP was closed on
Feb 2019

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Rapid Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) of Welded Seams
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a global manufacturer, invites proposals from organisations and consultants to provide Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) analysis of 3D weld structures in complex jointed systems.


    NineSigma's client is the leading supplier of welded product structures to various industries. Current QC analysis of the weld structures involves destructive testing of the product to determine the quality of the weld. This offline process is expensive in terms of product waste, but mainly in terms of analysis time (several hours).

    The quality testing is vital for MSG welded structures to determine the presence of pores, strength of weld and potential failure points. Visual (camera) and simple inline processes can determine the quality of the weld surface, but it has proven difficult to find technologies capable of determining the weld structure of complex shapes (straight / curved lines, etc.) both inside and outside the weld seam.

    The proposed solutions must be able to provide quick feedback on the weld seam quality and be able to recognize faulty or scrap products.

    The ideal solution would be an inline continuous process, but offline solutions are welcome if they can reduce the analysis time of complex welds.

    The client is open to all approaches from proven laboratory based systems to fully commercialized products.

    Key Success Criteria

    The ideal solution will be able to determine the quality of the welds across various 3D structures and geometries based on the following requirements:

    • Weld Characteristics:
      • Up to 120 welds per product
      • Variety of 3D weld structure shapes
      • Steel materials of variable composition (including high carbon content) from 0.8 to 6mm thickness
    • Weld Dimensions:
      • Seam length: 8 - 45mm
      • Seam Height: 1.7 - 3mm
      • Weld Penetration: 0.2+ mm
      • Seam position detection for identification of deviations regarding seam starting point and seam root
    • Capability to advise the client in developing or recommending technologies / partners who can achieve their end targets of inline monitoring
    Possible Approaches

    The potential solution could be, but is not limited to, one of the following:

    • Optical (Lasers / Cameras, etc.)
    • Ultrasonic
    • Hall effect
    • Magnetic Sensors
    • X-Ray
    • Radio waves
    • Microwave
    • Vibration
    • Other non-destructive testing methods
    Approaches not of Interest

    Early stage R+D ideas

    Items to be Submitted

    Appropriate responses will include only non-confidential information:

    • Overview of proposed solution
    • Status of technology and obstacles to be overcome (if required)
    • Ability to determine the quality of the welds across various 3D structures and geometries
    • Brief overview of the respondent(s)
    • Overview of respondent(s) organization(s)
    • IP ownership / policy / freedom to operate
    Preferred Collaboration Types
    Area of Interest