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IoT Sensor Node for the Process Automation with ATEX Zone 1 Approval

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Dec 20, 2018

Siemens Process Instrumentation is seeking a Multi-Sensor Node which is ready for ATEX Zone 1 with a flexible architecture design. The aim is to address the emerging new markets based on IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) in the process automation. This involves monitoring and optimization of already installed assets in the brownfield, for example by services based on predictive maintenance.





The IoT based approach to provide digital services based on sensor data is already proven in various markets. In the process automation field this concept gives way for new business models. We see a high potential with a strong growing market in this business field and identified a large amount of use cases with various requirements for the sensor node in the field. For the market entry we want to address several use cases at the same time. Therefore we are looking for a Multi-Sensor Node with a flexible architecture to meet the different requirements of these use cases.

Key success Criteria

The Multi-Sensor Node has to fulfil the following criteria (prioritized from most important to less important):

  1. The architecture of the sensor node has to be flexible in terms of:
    • different radio modules must be provided (e.g.: radio modules with the same footprint / flexible antenna design)
    • usage of different power supplies (integrated battery or wired from external)
    • support of different interfaces to external sensors ( at least: 1x analog - 16bit sampling on board; 1x SPI; 1x I2C)
  2. Preprocessing of raw data within the sensor node is required. MCU with RTOS and a computation power comparable to an ARM Cortex-M3 or better.
  3. A minimal lifetime with battery module (typical 3,5 Ah): 5 years @ listed temperature range and a use case with the main sleeping time of the sensor node
    • wake up every minute for measuring and sending the data (30kbyte) once  per day
  4. ATEX Zone 1 ready design
  5. Operating temperature range: at least: -20 up to 60°C ; ideal: -40 up to 80°C
  6. The integrated sensors should provide the best possible physical coupling to the asset to be installed:
    • accelerometer / vibration sensor with a minimal bandwidth of 3kHz should provide a rigid coupling to the mounting interface
    • the temperature sensor should provide a coupling with a high thermal conductivity
Possible Approaches

Siemens Process Instrumentation (PD PA PI) is seeking for a full solution as well as a partner for joint development. In the case of a joint development the existing design of the sensor node has to fulfill the first 3 above mentioned criteria.

Approaches not of Interest

All solutions which do not meet the first above mentioned criteria.

Due Date
Dec 14, 2018
Items to be submitted

We are looking for concise, non-confidential proposals. The proposal should:

  • Describe the technical approach
  • Provide information on the performance of the technology (if available)
  • Include a description of the responding organisation or team and their experience.

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