Why should I register with the Innovative Sand & Water Technologies for Onshore Operations Challenge website?

Registration is mandatory for participating and responding to the Innovative Sand & Water Technologies for Onshore Operations Challenge - you must submit your proposal through this website. Registering for the Challenge through the home page link will allow you to receive updates and announcements as we release new information. You can post clarifying questions and interact with other Solution Providers. As The Challenge advances, registered members will always have an open channel to this Open Innovation Challenge community.

Is there any cost to participating in the Challenges?

No. Participation is completely free for all members. You can join the Grand Challenge Community by clicking on the Sign In button on the navigation bar.

How do I register for NineSights?

  1. Go to the registration page and provide the requested information, then click Save
  2. Read and agree to the NineSights Terms of Use
  3. Complete your profile using the "MY PROFILE" link at the top of the page

Once you have provided all required information in your profile, you will be able to respond to this Grand Challenge.  Upon completion of the registration process, users will receive an email from NineSigma within one business day confirming acceptance into the Grand Challenge community.  Problems?  Contact us

I forgot my password

  1. Go to the NineSights homepage
  2. Click on "Log In"
  3. Click on "I forgot my password"
  4. Click the "Send New Password" button and you will receive an email from NineSigma with a temporary password
  5. Click on the link received via email, which will take you to the NineSigma login. Use the temporary password to log in. From here, you will be asked to reset your password. Once reset, be sure to click the "Save Changes" button. If you do not receive the email with your temporary password, please contact the support team at

How is my confidentiality managed?

All content on NineSights, including the Innovative Sand & Water Technologies for Onshore Operations Challenge page, requires all information posted and shared to be non-confidential. Submission information posted can only be seen by NineSigma moderation and the Seeker organization that has posted the requirement.

How do I write a non-confidential proposal?

For helpful hints on writing a competitive, non-confidential proposal, please see our recommended guidelines