TOPIC 2 - 


Water is a valuable resource that must be used responsibly.

As part of our mission to accelerate more economically and environmentally sustainable oil and gas production, this Challenge seeks to identify approaches to substantially reduce the amount of fresh water required in onshore operations.


The Water Topic invites proposals within two (2) Focus areas:

Focus Area 1 – Efficiently and cost-effectively clean and reuse water

Focus Area 2 – Use less fresh water during production.


Up to five (5) winning respondents will each receive an initial cash prize of $25,000 USD.  Each winning respondent also will have an opportunity to receive additional funding for a six (6) month period (from a total prize pool of up to $375,000 USD)  to continue the development and/ or commercialization of respondent’s Entry technology, provided winning respondent enters into a mutually-agreeable business relationship with Grant Sponsors which includes an agreed- upon plan for guided funding.


The deadline to respond to the Water Topic is September 24, 2015.


Download Water Topic Summary