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Anti-Icing Surface Treatment for Aluminum

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Jul 6
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Phase 1 – Shortlist and testing of solutions in Q3 2018

Phase 2 – Implement into a commercial product before Q4 2019


The solution will potentially be applied in large volumes in a global growth market.

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Aug 2018

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Anti-Icing Surface Treatment for Aluminum
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a leading consumer goods manufacturer, invites proposals for solutions or technologies that prevent ice formation and the further accumulation of ice on aluminum surfaces in a protected environment.


NineSigma’s client, a leading consumer goods manufacturer, is seeking to find surface treatments that prevent the formation of ice on heat exchangers. The heat exchangers are used in a protected environment without the presence of any significant shear forces. While in the protected environment, the heat exchanger surface will always be between 0°C and -30°C. Certain parts of the heat exchangers are currently made from bare aluminum, a material known for its excellent heat transfer properties.


However, when being used over an extended period of time, ice may form on the aluminum surface and may impair the optimal heat transfer performance of the aluminum. For this reason, our client is looking for any type of surface treatment that can be applied to non-flat aluminum and which prevents the formation of ice without the need for external shear forces. Solutions that allow simple removal of the ice layer are of interest too. 


The objective of this RFP is to find solutions that primarily prevent the formation of ice onto the aluminum surface or that allow the easy removal of the formed ice, in a protected environment in consumer goods.

Key Success Criteria

The successful solution has to:

  • Prevent the formation of ice onto aluminum or should facilitate the removal thereof
  • Prevent ice formation down to -30°C
  • Be applicable in a closed environment
  • Be applicable to flat and non-flat surfaces
  • Does not interfere with the heat transfer capacity of aluminum
  • Be suitable for mass production (thousands per shift)
  • Be dry to the touch shortly after application (a few minutes max)
  • Be stable over a period of 15 years (dozens of heat exchanger temperature cycles per day)
Possible Approaches

Possible approaches include, but are not limited to:

  • Single or multiple component(s) release agents
  • Silicone elastomers
  • Nano ceramic coatings
  • Microstructures
  • Hydrophilic, hydrophobic, oleophobic, ice phobic coatings
  • Adhesion preventing surface treatments
  • Novel coatings or films
  • Alternative approaches that result in a (permanent) change in surface free energy
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