At K+S, we believe that sustainability has great value. And we believe in the ambition, the wealth of ideas and the wisdom of the many. As a responsible member of society, we strive to reduce our environmental footprint. For us, this also means minimizing the salt wastewater from our tailings piles. We have been very committed to this topic for a long time. Maybe we already have the best solution.

But what if not?

We invite researchers, start-ups, institutes and all people who are driven by great inventiveness to participate in our brine challenge with their proposals. Share our challenge. Shape more sustainable solutions.


What is the Challenge?

The challenge is how to avoid or minimize brine run-off from large potash tailings piles.


A minimum of one and up to 3 winners of the K+S Brine Challenge will receive a cash prize of 20,000€ each.

In addition, K+S is open for potential joint collaboration projects with the challenge winners. The objective of this collaboration is to test the proposed technology and to develop it for industrial use.