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Indoor and outdoor autonomous or remotely controlled driverless system for materials transport

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Sep 28, 2018

Siemens is seeking a transport system/solution facilitating the movement of high weight and value products in narrow spaces. The solution shall be navigated outdoor and indoor and provide open interfaces, so that it can be easily integrated into open standardized IT architectures.


The application is anticipated in an industrial or clinical zone, both private areas comprising outdoor and indoor facilities as well. The whole facility may have an area of 1000m x 1000m consisting of buildings (logistics warehouse, production facilities and assembly lines).

The different buildings might be connected via outdoor roads. Between the buildings but also inside the buildings, logistic boxes and also heavy items are to be transported. The roads most presumably are asphalted and the buildings are finished with the industrial or clinical floor.

Key success Criteria
  • Vehicles with all electric concept (electro-hydraulic for lifting possible) are preferred
  • 3 load classes (for indication): ~500 kg, ~3.000 kg, ~5.000 kg; at least one of these should be available according to Technology Readiness Level 7.
  • The vehicles shall be usable in an industrial environment, outdoor conditions -20°C … + 35°C; indoor conditions 5°C … 40°C; protection degree IP68 (snow- and waterproof), shock-proof about 10g.Vehicles can maneuver indoor and outdoor on plane asphalt or industrial floor; rain, solar radiation conditions
  • Vehicles comprising security/safety detection/sensors for anti-collision are not mandory but welcome
  • Expected usage cycles are 50 times per year
  • Positioning accuracy for autonomous systems +/- 5 cm with the possibility for manual vernier adjustment of an accuracy +/- 1 mm
Approaches not of Interest

Systems, which are dependent on floor marking/floor tracing, rails or overhead lines.

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Sep 21, 2018
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