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Automotive Interior Cover for Morphable Surfaces

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Yanfeng Automotive seeks a flexible and soft decorative cover for an interior component that changes shape.


Automotive designers strive to configure vehicle interiors for occupants of different size and stature.  With the advent of autonomous vehicles and shared vehicles, designers are also working on ways to reconfigure the interior for different use cases.  Components such as the center console could morph shape to accept and display a personal display device or to enable an arm rest.  The decorative cover for such a morphing surface must adapt to a variety of shapes.


Key success Criteria

The decorative soft cover used to cover a shape-morphing interior component should:

  • Be sufficiently flexible to enable a variety of shapes (in all directions)
    • Enable extensibility range of up to 3 inches
    • Conform to minimum bend radius of 0.25 inches
    • Returns quickly to its original shape, without wrinkles
  • Be able to be bonded to the underlying morphing structure
  • Withstand repeated cycling over a vehicle’s 20-year lifespan
  • Perform consistently over temperatures ranging from -40⁰C to 110⁰C
  • Be cleanable
  • Be essentially opaque
    • Although, translucent versions would be nice to have
  • Meet the following additional physical performance requirements:
    • Resistance to scratch, abrasion and mar
    • Chemical resistance to window and all-purpose cleaners, sunscreen, bug spray, and perspiration
    • Resistance to fade and no change in gloss when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays
    • Withstands 85⁰C at 90% relative humidity for 96 hours with no outgassing, fogging or VOC’s of concern
    • Meet flammability requirements for use in automotive interiors
Possible Approaches

Fabrics made from polyester, nylon, synthetic rubbers, faux leather such as vinyl, or combinations thereof

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Dec 31, 2019
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