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Experts in Industrial Process Data Management and Analytics

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Apr 30, 2015
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Ohio Third Frontier Gallery


Nick Kacsandi, M.S.


The client seeks potential partners for a range of opportunities, including training and consultation, contract analytics, software/algorithm design, systems development and licensing. 


Depending on the nature and scope of expertise, top respondents may be invited to submit a more detailed proposal following client’s review of the Expert Capabilities Form.




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Experts in Industrial Process Data Management and Analytics
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NineSigma, on behalf of a Global Chemicals Manufacturer, is seeking Subject Matter Experts to provide insights into methods or systems for managing, synchronizing and analyzing data from high volume manufacturing process streams. Experts from across the landscape of industry, consulting and academia are invited to respond by filling out the short Expert Capabilities Form linked in the “Items to Be Submitted” section below.

Industrial manufacturing processes can generate huge amounts of data through the course of normal operations. Input data funnels in from a wide range of unrelated sources relaying information about equipment, materials and operating environments. Unfortunately, often times this data is not captured and consolidated in a comprehensive fashion, instead individually funneling through monitoring tools, logic control systems (e.g. PLCs, etc.), and even simple spreadsheets. This makes the overall task of analyzing and correlating the data with appropriate in-process actions difficult, if not impossible.


NineSigma’s client seeks to develop a better understanding of the current and existing technologies and capabilities in place to address better data management for their processing operations. Experts in this area are sought to act as consultants or solution providers in this area.


Specifically, top respondents may be invited to engage with the client in a variety of opportunities, including:

• Consult and educate the client on appropriate data management strategies

• Recommend appropriate tools and partners for achieving success

• Implement data capture and consolidation for process monitoring, working with partners as appropriate

• Conduct appropriate analyses based on client’s data

• Implement process monitoring strategy



Key Success Criteria

Experts with a strong background in one or more of the following topics are of significant interest:

• Real-time process monitoring

• Multivariate statistical analyses and projections

○ Identification of core variables for monitoring

○ Correlation of data output with appropriate action in process

○ Determining normal state(s) from process data

○ Impact of input variables on end product

○ Experimental design and predictive modeling

• Data storage and access strategies

• Software, systems and algorithms for data analytics


Potential experts may be involved in a wide range of technical disciplines, including – but not limited to:

• Plant operations management

• Data mining

• Process monitoring

• Data analytics or big data

• Software and algorithms

• Statistical analysis

• Systems integration



Items to be Submitted

To respond to this Expert opportunity. Please follow the link below to access and complete our Expert Capabilities Form. Note that you will need a copy of your CV, resume or professional bio in order to complete the form. You are also welcome to provide additional supplemental information highlighting your expertise in this field.





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