The future demands a transition to a circular economy – a world in which materials can be used and reused at their highest potential. Nike believes that it is not enough to adapt to what the future may bring, but that the future we want must be created through sustainable innovation.


Through the Material Recovery Challenge, Nike is seeking innovations that can substantially advance the physical footwear recycling process. Solutions should complement or replace existing process steps to recover purer material outputs than are currently possible. Promising solutions will be considered for implementation at a Nike footwear recovery site.  For full details, please download the Challenge Summary >>





Successful solutions will:

  • Represent a significant advance in the field of footwear recycling
  • Help evolve existing recycling processes to reliably and efficiently recover pure material outputs from a variety of footwear input types
  • Produce a tangible proof of concept
  • Demonstrate an achievable path to commercial readiness


Challenge participants will compete for a $50,000 cash award, and promising solutions will be considered by Nike for implementation.


Download Challenge Summary