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Quantifying the populations of cell immunophenotypes in gene therapy drug products

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Mar 27

GSK is seeking rapid, point of care analytical tests for gene therapy products that can go from sample to result within 2 hours


Tests should work with human cells at a concentration of 1x106 – 1x108 cells per mL in growth media. They should characterize / quantify the populations of cell immunophenotypes in the sample.


Lab tests are welcome. GSK would be especially interested in analytical techniques that could be carried out at or close to the patient’s bedside.


With autologous ex-vivo gene therapies, every batch of drug product is custom manufactured and dosed to each individual patient. Treating 100 patients per day will require 100 drug batches to be manufactured, tested and released per day.


As the patient’s condition can deteriorate rapidly, drug batches must be tested and released for use quickly, ideally within one week of manufacture.


Current analytical methods rely on laboratory facilities and are labor intensive requiring significant analyst time.


Flow cytometry requires highly skilled labor to measure the populations of cell immunophenotypes, requiring sample preparation, mixing of antibodies, setting up instrument, running of the instrument and interpretation of the data.


With common indications, the strategy is to automate the manufacturing so that it is brought close to bedside. Ideally the analytics would be automated and also carried out at / close to bedside to provide rapid sample to result data.


Key success Criteria

Reduce the testing time, ideally from sample to result in <2hrs


Possible Approaches

Point of care tests (diagnostics)

Microfluidic disposable cartridge technology


Approaches not of Interest

Automating the current methods


Due Date
Mar 21
Items to be submitted
  • A proposal describing the solution and how the success criteria will be met with the proposed solution
  • A non-confidential description of the technology and a schematic of the solution

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