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Single mode laser diodes for spectral range 759 – 766 nm

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Sep 28, 2018

Siemens Process Industries and Drives is seeking for a supplier of single mode laser diodes for spectroscopic gas analysis. The laser diodes shall allow the mode-hop free tuning over a range of ≥ 0.3nm around a center wavelength between 759 – 766 nm (exact center wavelength to be specified together with the supplier).


The spectroscopic gas analysis is achieved by continuously sweeping the emission wavelength of the laser diode over a spectral range that exhibits a spectroscopic absorption feature of the gas of interest.

Key success Criteria
  • Center Wavelength: 759 – 766 nm (exact center wavelength to be specified together with the supplier)
  • Longitudinal and transverse single mode operation
  • Laser type: DFB, DBR or VCSEL (DFB or VCSEL preferred), other integrated technics that assure single mode operation can be discussed
  • Spectral Linewidth <100MHz, <10MHz preferred
  • Mode Hop free tuning range: ≥ 0.3nm (symmetrically around center wavelength) via current tuning (frequency 100Hz)
  • Laser Output Power >100µW over the whole tuning range
  • Ideally Laser Output Power < 500µW over the whole tuning range (to be compliant to Laser Class 1). A reduction of the laser output power by the use of apertures or filters is possible within our optomechanics if necessary.
  • SMSR ≥ 30dB (side mode suppression ratio)
  • Package: TO5 with integrated TEC and thermistor (sealed package with AR coated window), other packages can be discussed if TEC and thermistor are integrated
  • Ambient Temperature Range (during operation): -20°C to 55°C, the TEC must be able to ensure stable operation at the operation point over the whole ambient temperature range
  • Ambient Temperature Range (transportation and storage): -40°C to 85°C
  • MTTF > 50000h
  • RoHS conform
Due Date
Sep 21, 2018
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