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Stays Looking Clean Plastic Interior Surfaces

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Yanfeng Automotive seeks interiors that have the ability to resist dirt/dust/oil accumulation. The Interior surface must always appear to be clean and must appear to be easy to clean.



Consumer ratings of materials are first evaluated on a subjective perception of cleanliness (a material’s ability to resist dirt/dust/oil accumulation). When a material is rated low in “Visual Appeal”, the material is typically rated low in other areas. 


Above all else, material surfaces that consumers can see in the vehicle, MUST appear clean AND must appear to be easy to clean. This holds true, regardless of which material is used, fabric or plastic, and regardless of where material is placed, whether they be on the instrument panel, lining the storage bins, or on door panels.


Key success Criteria
  • Compatibility with polymers such as polyolefins (PP, TPE, TPO) polycarbonate, and polyamides 
  • Performance temperature range: -40°C to 100°C
  • Withstand 85°C at 90% relative humidity for 96 hours
  • No outgassing, fogging or VOCs of concern
  • Resistance to chemicals, including:  
    • window
    • all-purpose cleaners
    • sunscreen
    • bug sprays
    • air freshener
    • perspiration
  • Resistance to fade and no change in gloss when exposed to UV
  • Resistance to scratch, scuff, and mar 
  • The recommended solution should provide an aesthetic appearance with no surface imperfection.


Possible Approaches
Include, but are not limited to:
  • Migratory additive which could be added during the injection molding and that provides the required functional properties at the component surface.
  • Approaches compatible with in-mold decoration.
  • A surface coating which repels debris and fingerprint residue.


Approaches not of Interest
  • Treatments for fabrics


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Dec 31, 2019
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