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Seeking Industrial Applications for High-Oleic Soybean Oil

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Oct 3, 2019

The Ohio Soybean Council seeks collaborators interested in co-developing industrial applications using high-oleic soybean oil.


Soybean farmers are growing increasing quantities of high-oleic soybeans which produce high-oleic soybean oil.  High-oleic soybean oil (HSBO) withstands higher temperatures before it degrades.  A straightforward use of this oil is for lubrication.  But other industrial applications are also of interest to drive demand for soybeans.


Typical properties of HSBO appear below.

Ref.:  from



Chart:  Oxidation Stability Index of High Oleic Soybean oil.  Ref.:  from


The Ohio Soybean Council is looking for collaborators interested in developing this biobased source of oleic acid for commercial applications.


Key success Criteria

Opportunity should preferably have:

  • Differentiated functional benefit of HSBO
  • A clear path for product development
  • Acceptable prospect for market demand (or at least growth potential)
  • High likelihood to be manufacturable
Possible Approaches

Include, but are not limited to:

  • Paint and coatings, polymer precursor, adhesives, chemical derivatives
Approaches not of Interest

Possible uses such as lubricants, grease, surfactants, alkyd resins and candles are less interesting as sponsor is already working on these solutions.

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Sep 30, 2019
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How to Respond:

We are looking for concise non-confidential expressions of interest. The proposal should briefly describe the technical approach and provide information on technology performance, background and description of the responding team and their related experience. To respond, please use the Respond button located at the bottom of the page.


Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted. By submitting a response, you represent that the response does not contain and will not be deemed to contain any confidential information of any kind whatsoever.

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