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3D-Formable, Large-Surface Cooling (and Heating) Solution

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Yanfeng Automotive seeks a flexible, cost-effective resilient system for active cooling (and heating) that can be formed and integrated into slightly curved or substantially non-planar interior surfaces.


Yanfeng wants to incorporate thermal control elements into the surface of automotive interior panels.  Yanfeng seeks a components or materials that they can purchase rather than manufacture themselves.  They seek components which enable cooling alone or cooling and heating together in one unit.

Key success Criteria
    • Has sufficient flexibility (and extensibility) to permit 3D forming
    • Preferably, can be cut to whatever shape needed without losing function
      • Alternatively, can be prefabricated to desired shape
    • Able to be handled and positioned by robot, i.e., the process should be automatable
    • Is invisible on finished surface
    • Meets automotive requirements, e.g. performance temperature range -40°C to 90°C, humidity 90-100%, conditions involving cycling of heat and humidity, electric voltage limitations of vehicle, etc.
    • Is suitable for surfaces up to 1 square meter
    • Is compatible with compression molding, back injection, foam-in-place or press lamination
      • Must withstand > 200°C for at least 30 seconds
    Possible Approaches

    Include, but are not limited to:

    • Flexible thermoelectric films or arrays
    • Flexible substrates incorporating phase-change materials
    Approaches not of Interest
    • Suppliers who do not have an interest in supplying to the automotive market
    Due Date
    Dec 31, 2019
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