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Funding for Commercial Companies to Develop Soy-Based Products

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Oct 3, 2019

If your organization is looking into using soybeans in a new product, the Ohio Soybean Council (OSC) wants to talk to you.

OSC offers funding to commercial entities, from start-ups to large corporations, developing soy-based products, including both food and non-food applications. Several enterprises have gotten a leg up, thanks to OSC funding, connections, experience, and promotional support (see Background for examples). OSC seeks to broaden its collaborations to support new innovative concepts that leverage the soybean’s versatility.

For those entities looking to upgrade existing products—or better yet, invent something entirely new!—working with OSC confers advantages. OSC funding reduces the risk associated with research and development. The Council can also offer other resources through its vast stakeholder base and inclusive experience.



Mention soybeans, and most people think of commodities: legumes, cooking oil, soy milk, tofu. While these are important products, soybeans have much broader applications across both consumer and industrial spheres—in fact, soybean oil has been boosting manufacturing since Henry Ford developed the car part! Soy-based alternatives to existing product options often provide benefits in terms of cost, function, and sustainability. These green products capitalize on a critical market trend: recent polling shows that 71% of Americans would prefer to purchase a bio-product over a petroleum- or chemical-based product if the cost is equivalent. Recent successes include the following OSC-supported initiatives:

  • EnzoMeal™. This patented soybean-based fish feed can help improve the sustainability of the aquaculture industry and address the rising costs of fish feed. EnzoMeal is superior to conventional soybean fish feed because the non-digestible carbohydrates have been removed and the crude proteins increased, making EnzoMeal more nutritious and easier for the fish to digest. This sustainable food source was honored with the 2017 R&D 100 Gold Special Recognition Award for Corporate Social Responsibility.
  • Soy-PK resin: This new coating technology, Soy-PK Reactive Oligomer Cross-Linker, can replace Bisphenol A (BPA) in a wide variety of applications. Soy-PK resin received second place in the Bio-Based Chemical Innovation of the Year category during the 2016 Bio-Based Innovation Awards, as well as a 2016 R&D 100 Green Tech Merit Award.


Key success Criteria

The successful proposal must use components of the soybean as primary feedstock. The proposal should clearly and concisely present what the product/technology will do, how the product may work, and the potential demand the product will meet. There should be a clear path for scale-up to commercial scale, as well as preliminary consideration of how/why the product can successfully enter the market.



Possible Approaches

The organization should present the projected technology, as well as the possible approach(es) to developing and implementing that technology, to OSC.

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Sep 30, 2019
Items to be submitted

Any interested party should submit an expression of interest using the Respond button at the bottom of the page. The submission should include preliminary information about the project, identifying the entrepreneur or commercial organization, describing the envisioned product and its function, and explaining how soybean components will be used. Proposing organizations should also mention partnerships, including official partnership status.

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