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At Pfizer Worldwide Research & Development (WRD), strategic partnerships are at the heart of fulfilling our purpose as we work to translate advanced science and technologies into innovative therapies and vaccines that significantly improve patients' lives.


Our External Research & Development Innovation (ERDI) team seeks to identify innovative science that forms the basis of new therapies and drives related collaborations that deliver value to Pfizer, our partners and patients.


ERDI is actively working to establish new partnerships with leading academic and biotechnology companies around the globe. As one of the world's premier biopharmaceutical companies, Pfizer is proud to offer our partners access to our world-class research scientists, cutting-edge capabilities in medicine and vaccine design, global network of external collaborations, and industry-leading manufacturing and commercial capabilities. We are confident that you will find Pfizer to be a great partner in developing high-impact medicines and vaccines that improve human health.


Within the Pfizer Gallery you will find specific needs that we hope to address by establishing new partnerships. For more information and areas of interest, please visit


You can respond to current Needs or Technology Offers by browsing the listed entries or searching for specific subjects. Use the Respond Now button on individual postings to submit your ideas or proposals after completing the required response template.

Please note that only non-confidential information can be accepted. By submitting a response you represent that the response does not contain and will not be deemed to contain any confidential information of any kind whatsoever. By submitting a response, you also acknowledge and confirm that you have consulted with your Technology Transfer Office, Business Development Office or any other required group and that you have their approval to submit the response. All Personal Information disclosed to Pfizer within a response will be utilized in accord with principles and polices as described at

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