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Invisible Vapes for Discreet Vaporizers

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May 13
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Licensing, technology acquisition, supplier agreement


Phase 1 – Shortlist of solutions in Q2 2018

Phase 2 – Develop prototype within the next 6-12 months

Phase 3 – Develop a commercial product within next 24 months


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Supplier of the substitute with a business volume of approximatively $2.5 M/year

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Invisible Vapes for Discreet Vaporizers
RFP Description
NineSigma, representing a leading international tobacco product manufacturer, invites proposals for solutions or technologies that will eliminate the visibility of the exhaled vapor in current e-liquid based vaporizers.

NineSigma’s client, a leading international tobacco product manufacturer, is currently selling vaping devices that utilize nicotine-containing liquids. Typically, these e-liquids consist out of a mixture of vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavors and nicotine. In combination with various flavors, both solvents contribute for the pleasurable, sensorial experience that e-cig users are expecting when using their vaping device. Additionally, VG and (to a lesser extent) PG are mainly responsible for the well-known, dense vape ‘clouds’ that are being exhaled by e-cig users. However, depending on the environment or location, these dense vapes are not always appreciated.


For this reason, our client is looking for solutions that offer the e-vape user the option to alter the visibility of the exhaled vapes depending on the environment. Since VG and PG are mainly responsible for the visibility, an alternative solvent that doesn’t produce these dense, visible vapes would be an ideal, easy-to-be-implemented solution.


Since the visibility of a smoke is not just dependent on the molecular properties, but also on other parameters such as airflow, density of the vape constituents, particle size distribution and temperature, other solutions that might lead to the elimination of the vape’s visibility are of interest.


The objective of this RFP is to find solutions that allow e-cigarette users to vape without exhaling a visible smoke.


Key Success Criteria

The successful solution has to:

  • Result in a vape that is invisible when being exhaled
  • Be suitable for the vaporization and deep lung deposition of nicotine
  • Be able to vaporize nicotine or vaporize together with nicotine
  • Be safe for inhalation regarding current regulations (REACH, TPD, FDA certifications are a must; GRAS)


Information about the pleasurable user sensations in regard to “throat hit” / “chest hit” or in regard to aroma and taste are a big plus (this characteristic will be used as selection criteria during Phase 1).


Possible Approaches

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Chemicals/solvents that produce aerosols with smaller particle sizes when evaporated
  • Additives that counter the condensation process
  • Additives that lower the refractive index of a vape
  • Design adaptations that hide the vape’s visibility
  • All other approaches that might lead to invisible vapes


Our client is open to all approaches that can fully or partially meet their requirements.

“Systems” solutions including a device, in combination with a particular solvent are also in scope.


Items to be Submitted

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