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Operator table for a digital mammography system with radiation protection

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Jul 7

Siemens Healthcare is seeking a supplier to design and build an enhanced operator table for a mammography system. The solution should provide space for a PC, two monitors (one turnable) and the control elements of the mammography system and the PC. It shall have an adjustable height to have an ergonomic working height.


The table must have a radiation protection shield for the user.



Improving the appearance of medical devices provides an appealing environment during the examination. The operator of the system wants to have a modern and user friendly working area.


Key success Criteria


  • Operator table with radiation protection shield
  • Radiation shield itself: (width/height/depth) 849x1000x6 mm max 15 kg
  • The table must be adjustable in height (in a fast easy and smart way)
  • Height:  650 mm-1250 mm
  • Overall height table: 2150 mm
  • Space for one or two large monitors shall be available:
    Two 19 inch monitors are used. One Monitor needs to be turnable (up to 180°, max. weight of monitor will be 12 kg  so that it can be viewed from the mammography system without limitations. Typically two 19 inch monitors are used.
  • Space for an workstation/PC (app. 22 kg): (width/height/depth) 215 mm x  450 mm x 520mm+70mm (plug)
  • Space for a keyboard /mouse shall be available
  • The table must be tilt resistant
  • The table must be easy to clean with cleaning and disinfectant agents
  • Country specific power cables (Europe, Switzerland, UK, US)  would be useful
  • Room for printed patient data sheet (A4)
  • Following  norms need to be fulfilled:
    • DIN EN 60601-1:2013-12
    • DIN EN ISO 10993-1:2010-04,
    • DIN EN ISO 14971:2013-04
    • EN 60601-1-2:2015 (in case of electrical components are used)
  • No sharp edges
  • Height adjustment shall be electrical  and not noisy
  • No tripping hazards.


  • Emergency stop integrated
  • Height > 1300 mm


Possible Approaches

Siemens Healthcare is open to all solutions that meet the success criteria.


Approaches not of Interest

Design proposal only


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Jun 30
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We are looking for concise, non-confidential proposals. The proposal should:

  • Describe the technical approach
  • Include a description of the responding organization or team and their experience.

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