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Eliminating Leaks in Pressure Control Systems

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Oct 3, 2014
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Depending on the nature of the proposed solution this RFP could result in one or more of the following:  licensing, contract research, proof of concept leading to scale-up to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement



Phase 1 – Proof of concept (6 months)

Phase 2 – Commercial scale-up (12-18 months)


Client’s exact timeline may vary based on nature and maturity of the proposed solution.



Annual US purchases in excess of $1,000,000 with potential for global expansion. All engagements are subject to negotiation with the sponsor.




Phone: +1-216-283-3901


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RFP Title


Eliminating Leaks in Pressure Control Systems
RFP Description
NineSigma, representing a Global Regulator Manufacturer, invites proposals for novel Seat or Seal technologies that are compatible with high-pressure oxygen applications.

Pressure control systems ensure the safe and efficient regulation of gas flow. Highly specialized seats and seals provide a critical barrier in such operations, while preventing against leakage in the closed stage. For oxygen service applications, these components must not only withstand high pressure cycling at temperature, but also meet performance specifications for ignition testing.


Traditionally, seats and seals are manufactured from a limited range of materials:

  • Seats: Thermoplastics, PTFE, PCTFE, PEEK, Neoprene (Chloroprene), PA
  • O-Rings: EPDM, FKM, Nitryl, PTFE, Neoprene, silicone
  • Back-up Rings: PTFE, PA


However, these materials are prone to a variety of issues such as creep at temperature, compatibility with gases, deformation under load, and lack of resistance to ignition.


NineSigma’s client seeks to identify novel solutions for licensing or development that can improve upon current standards for function and durability in their seats and seals.  Solutions describing materials, manufacturing capabilities or novel component designs (including alternative geometries or integrated solutions) are of significant interest.





Key Success Criteria
The successful technology will:
  • Be compatible with reactive / flammable gases
  • Limit leak rate from 10^-4 to 10^-9 SCCS
  • Maintaining function and structural integrity over 5000 pressure cycles under the following conditions:
    • Application pressures from 150 to 6000 psi
    • Operating temperatures from -60F to 140F





Possible Approaches

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Cross industrial solutions
  • Novel material solutions
    • Co-molded materials
    • Engineered polymers or polymer blends
    • Coatings and surface treatments
    • Lubricants
  • Design-based solutions
    • Innovative component geometries
    • Integrated back up ring or design that does not require a backup ring
    • Energizing seal design


NineSigma’s client will consider partial solutions for collaborative development opportunities.



Approaches not of Interest

The following approaches are not of interest:

  • Material solutions that do not improve upon current performance characteristics for the traditional materials listed above
  • Fluoropolymer solutions are undesirable due to European standards.



Items to be Submitted

To respond, use the Response options at the bottom of the page, which are only available when registered and logged into the NineSights Innovation Community.


Appropriate responses will use the response template or response form and address the following:

  •  High level, non-confidential, description of proposed technology including:
    • Working principle or knowledge base to support your approach
    • Availability of technical data (technical analysis, material data sheets, supporting documentation)
    • Technology maturity (concept, prototype, ready to commercialize, commercialized)
  • Pathway to industrial scale including timing, estimated budget, and capacity for manufacture
  • Estimated cost of technology (if available)
  • Position on intellectual property including patent references
  • Desired relationship with sponsor
  • Team description and related experience

Other Request information includes:



Phase 1 – Proof of concept


  • Fabrication of samples and testing
    • Leak at temperature
    • Material crawl
    • Ignition testing
    • Assessment of manufacturing and assembly
  • Cost impact analysis
  • Market impact analysis.


Phase 2 – Commercial development


Criteria for Moving from Phase 1 to Phase 2

  • Empirical and or analytical evidence of the solution’s ability to meet performance requirements
  • Feasibility of Manufacturability and Assembly
  • Potential Cost and value impact



Respondents from companies (small to large), academic researchers, other research institutes, consultants, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, or inventors are welcome.


You are a manufacturer of polymeric seats or seals with technology that can provide a solution ready for testing and commercial use


You represent an organization with a material solution that meets the specifications outlined above that should provide a solution for testing in the intended application


You represent an organization with design capabilities that can provide a solution for development and prototyping


You represent an organization with technology that should provide a solution but that requires further research and development to ready it for transfer to commercial use.



Award Amount
Annual US purchases >$1,000,000 with potential for global expansion
Area of Interest