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Novel High-Yield Methods of Functionalizing Graphite

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Mar 21
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Licensing, product acquisition, proof of concept leading to scale-up to manufacturing, joint development, supplier agreement


Phase 1 – Technology Assessment – 3 - 6 months

Phase 2 – Development plan / Scale-up – 12-24 months


All terms to be negotiated depending on technology status

Keywords: Graphite, flakes, powder, expanded graphite, functionalised groups, hydrophobic surfaces, metal particles


For questions and comments, you are welcome to contact the Ninesigma Programme Manager, Oliver Worsfold:


RFP was closed on
Mar 2019

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Novel High-Yield Methods of Functionalizing Graphite
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a global high-performance materials manufacturer, invites proposals from organizations and researchers to functionalise graphite.


Ninesigma’s client is a global supplier of high performance materials for a variety of high temperature applications.


The ability to functionalise graphite flakes (plus powder and expanded graphite conformations) is important to improve the variety of product formulations currently available.


The high hydrophobic nature of graphite materials causes issues in using certain green functional methods. The current methodology involves using different acids which are hazardous and only yields 7-8% of Oxygen or metals on the graphite flakes.


Any proposed solutions must be able to provide variable yield functionalisation of hydroxyl and acid groups with the potential to expand to other functional groups listed.


The client is open to all solutions from academia and from industry, as long as a clear understanding of the method and requirements for up-scaling are detailed.

Key Success Criteria

The ideal solution will be able to effectively introduce functional groups such as -OH, and -COOH, to the various different forms of graphite with a priority for graphite flakes.

The following specifications should also be considered.

  • Functional Groups:
    • Hydroxyls, acids, anhydrides.
    • Thiols, amines.
    • Ketones, aldehydes.
    • Metallic particles like Si, Al, alloys. 
  • Yield:
    • Variable with a minimum of 10% by weight of Oxygen or metal on the graphite surfaces.
    • Capability to produce 200g as test samples.
Possible Approaches
  • Any chemicals which increase the yield of Oxygen / metal above 10%
  • Any green chemicals / solvent systems
  • Low temperature functional methods / reagent systems
Items to be Submitted

All proposals should be submitted online at NineSights, the NineSigma open innovation community. Proposals should not include any confidential information and should contain the following:

  • Executive summary
  • Status of IP and Freedom to operate
  • Brief overview of organization
  • Experience of commercial exploitation of chemistry methodology development

For assistance, please contact the Programme Manager (

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