Through the #2018AirLiquideScientificChallenge, Air Liquide embarks the scientific community to innovate using Essential Small Molecules and develop new applications on 3 topics related to improving air quality for the people and fighting climate change for the planet. Be part of the Air Liquide’s innovative approach (inventiveness, curiosity, collective intelligence, and agility) by participating in the challenge.


Proposals must be submitted before September 20th, 5PM EDT!


Topic 1

Lower-CO2 H2

How to produce cost-competitive hydrogen while reducing greenhouse gas emissions?

Topic 1 Summary

Topic 2

H2 is coming

How to use H2 to avoid greenhouse gas emissions in fossil fuel based industrial processes?

Topic 2 Summary

Topic 3

Sustainable Farm to Fork

Can the dietary needs of 7.6 billion people in 2018 be met in an affordable, healthy, and sustainable manner?

Topic 3 Summary 



For more details, please [Download the Challenge Summary]