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Renewable sources of Graphite

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RHI Magnesita is seeking bio-based carbon materials like graphite or carbon black, with a zero or near-to-zero carbon footprint, for application in carbon containing refractories. The carbon in these materials should come from renewable resources. The production process can also include recycling techniques.


Sustainability is key strategic goal for RHI Magnesita and the company is seeking for full life-cycle solutions to reduce the carbon footprint of refractories. Carbon carriers based on renewable resources can contribute to this goal.

A typical carbon containing refractory consists predominately of ceramic parts (80-90%); binder and additives ( 8%), and carbon carriers. These carbon carriers, typically graphite and carbon black, change significantly the properties of refractories.

Indeed, thanks to their incorporation into the refractory formulation, the wettability towards slag and metal is reduced and thereby improves the corrosion resistance during utilization while the thermo-mechanical properties are enhanced as well via an improved structural flexibility.

It is very important, that renewable carbon carriers do not change these characteristic attributes therefore solutions for graphite and carbon black substitution should match as close as possible the specifications described here below.



Key success Criteria

RHI Magnesita are seeking novel bio-based / renewable sources of graphite and/or Carbon black with the following specifications:


  • Graphite flake size >100µm
  • Carbon content >90%
  • Bulk weight 300-600g/L
  • Product development should be at least in pilot stage


Carbon black

  • Specific surface: : 4-50 m2/g
  • Carbon content > 95%
  • D50: 0,1-1,0µm
  • Product development should be at least in pilot stage
Possible Approaches

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Graphite based on bio-mass
  • Carbon black based on bio-gas
  • Other materials with similar properties like for example a graphene like structure
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Mar 15

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Juan Rosenzweig
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