Automatic Air/Fuel Adjustment

Request Number REQ0262974
Due Date November 21, 2014
Author Paul Musille
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RFP Title
Automatic Air/Fuel Adjustment
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a Global Supplier of Heating Equipment, invites proposals for systems able to automatically adjust air/fuel ratios for efficient combustion.


Complete and efficient combustion requires precise mixtures of fuel and air.  The exact ratios are dependent on a variety of factors such as altitude, pressure, humidity, temperature, and gas type.  Optimizing combustion conditions is particularly important for increasing efficiency to minimize fuel use while maximizing heat output.  Efficient combustion is of continuing interest to various industries and end applications including home and industrial HVAC, home and commercial cooking, automotive, and aerospace.


NineSigma’s client seeks proposals for systems able to dynamically alter air/fuel ratios for efficient burner operation based on data surveying the combustion environment for optimal fuel usage and heat production. 



Key Success Criteria

The successful technology will:

  • Provide air and fuel to a burner that operates in a heat output range of 18,000 – 100,000 BTUs per hour
  • Be able to monitor and adapt the combustion environment, which may include:
    • Ambient temperature
    • Oxygen amount
    • Humidity level
  • Be able to operate with, and dynamically adapt to a variety of fuel sources (natural gas, propane, and other liquid petroleum gas mixtures)



Possible Approaches

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Power burner systems containing a pre-mixer that dynamically alters air/fuel ratios based on measured conditions
  • Novel mechanisms of air/fuel ratio control based on combustion condition data

NineSigma’s client will consider partial solutions for collaborative development opportunities.



Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Contract Research
  • Technology Licensing
  • Technology Acquisition
  • Consulting
  • Supply Agreement
Items to be submitted

To respond, use the Response options at the bottom of the page, which are only available when registered and logged into the NineSights Innovation Community. You may submit supplemental files in addition to your completed response form.


Appropriate responses will use the response template or response form and address the following:

  • High level, non-confidential, description of proposed technology including:
    • Working principle or knowledge base to support your approach
    • Availability of technical data (efficiency, power requirements, size description, etc.)
    • Technology maturity (concept, prototype, ready to commercialize, commercialized)
  • Pathway to commercial scale including timing, estimated budget, and capacity for manufacture
  • Estimated unit cost of technology (if available)
  • Position on intellectual property including patent references
  • Desired relationship with sponsor
  • Team description and related experience


Other Request information includes:



The following phases may be implemented across a 6-24 month timeframe. Any additional time requirements should be detailed in the proposal.


Phase 1 – Proof of Concept (6 months) starting Q1 2015

Demonstration of technology for evaluation and information on commercial needs


Phase 2 – Evaluation (approximately 3 months)

Performance, reliability, and safety testing


Phase 3 – Development Program (approximately 12 months)

Scale up feasibility to pilot plan and costs assessment


Based on the maturity of the technology proposed, NineSigma’s client may choose to forgo earlier Project Phases where applicable. Client will assess the information provided by the solution providers, determine the best options for engagement, and collaboratively establish next steps with the solution provider.


Area of Interest
  • Aerospace & Defense
  • Energy & Power Production
  • Transportation
  • Other
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