ICL Innovation Webinar

NineSigma and ICL Innovation held a webinar on September 21, 2016 at 10am Eastern to discuss the various roles that phosphorus has in plant nutrition and soil chemistry.


Click here to view a recording of the webinar! Additionally, the transcript is also available!


Open Innovation at ICL


ICL Innovation is a new Open Innovation program in ICL, aimed at accelerating our development of sustainable new products and processes, as well as providing solutions for major global challenges.


We created the program to benefit from the full range of knowledge, creativity and initiative available throughout the world. Our Open Innovation program will help to assure our standing as a leading industrial company dedicated to addressing the challenges of a growing global population and increased environmental awareness. We embrace Open Innovation to bring the best of the world's innovation into the Company, from wherever it originates, and to harness the power of collaboration with scientists and entrepreneurs worldwide to accelerate our growth.


We are seeking early stage innovative technologies, novel materials and cost effective production processes to incorporate into ICL companies' products in the areas of Water, Food, Energy, Fertilizers and Specialty Chemicals.



Our interest is mainly on technologies that correlate with ICL's core activities, that make use of ICL's primary source materials, and that represent ingenious approaches to issues faced by ICL companies in its various market areas.


The projects selected will benefit from ICL's commercial and business support. Each project will be adopted by one of ICL's companies, and will enjoy full support both in the laboratory and in the field.


ICL Innovation invites great minds to make a difference!

Engaging with ICL Innovation!


ICL Innovation is engaged in a total of 14 collaborations with our global partners, including three in the US and two in Europe.


We strongly encourage organizations with novel concepts for solving one of the needs presented in this Gallery to submit a response!


Learn more: www.icl-innovation.com.




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 Program Manager,





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