Sensing Device or Elemental Technology to Measure Body Water Content Level

Request Number REQ7368860
Due Date March 29, 2018
Request for Proposal Details
RFP Title
Sensing Device or Elemental Technology to Measure Body Water Content Level
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a major beverage manufacturer, seeks a partner to jointly develop a device to measure body water content level easily and continuously. Any business level is acceptable. Proposals for technologies at a concept level to an already launched service are eligible.



The human body consists mainly of water, which is an essential component to maintain life activities. Therefore, it is crucial to grasp body composition, promote water drinking at an appropriate timing, and maintain the level.


At this point, however, medical devices and large analyzers are needed to measure water content level, which makes it difficult for consumers to monitor the level in daily life easily.


On the other hand, the development of more accurate and compact sensors and analyzers and the achievement of higher performance of wireless communication technology may lead to easy sensing.


Therefore, the client has issued this open request to accelerate commercialization of the technology by developing a device jointly with potential partners.



Key Success Criteria


Respondents should have a device or elemental technology to measure body water content level. If the proposed technology does not meet the following requirements at this point, it should have potential to meet through up to 1 year of additional development.


  • Should be a compact device that can be installed and used in general households. (It does not necessarily have to be wearable.)
  • Should be able to measure body water content level in a non-invasive manner
  • Measurement time: Up to 30 seconds or so
  • Should be able to display body water content level as a qualitative value
  • Should be able to promote water drinking at an appropriate timing, according to water content level
  • Proposals only for proprietary testing and measurement algorithms and elemental technologies are also welcome.


Opportunities for partner

Potential collaboration partners will obtain the following opportunities:

  • Develop business by combining with the client’s beverage business
  • Leverage client’s global sales channel to accelerate the distribution of the device



Preferred Collaboration types
  • Contract Research
  • Supply Agreement
Items to be submitted

Responses will use the Proposal Template which is linked to the “attachments” shown at the bottom of this page and include the following items:


  • Overview of the technology (principle, uniqueness, etc.)
  • Development stage
  • Current performance
    • Type of technology
    • Items and accuracy of measurement
    • Examples
  • Current challenges and future plans
  • Policy on intellectual property related to the proposed technology
  • Expectation to the company towards collaboration
  • Information supporting R&D capabilities (past achievements such as published articles and patents etc.)
  • Organization overview



Anticipated Project Phases or Project Plan

Respondents should submit proposals using the attached Response Template.


The client will review submitted proposals and possibly ask clarifying questions before selecting the most suitable candidates for collaboration. The client will select the best candidate(s) through evaluations. During the selection process, the client may execute non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with selected respondent(s), seek further information disclosure, and discuss specific development targets or potential opportunities.

The client will execute necessary agreement(s) with the selected respondent(s) and move to the advanced development phase. Specifics of any collaboration will be determined through consultation with the concerned parties.




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