Request for Technological Information: Future Agriculture & Cultivation

Request Number REQ0367342
Due Date March 15, 2018
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Request for Technological Information: Future Agriculture & Cultivation
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing Yanmar Co., Ltd. (, which provides solutions for “food production” and “energy conversion”, is widely seeking innovative technological information and services which may solve apparent and potential issues in conventional agriculture and change the cultivation methods and farm business. This is not limited to technology itself, we also welcome ideas and services backed up by technology.


The client, Yanmar Co., Ltd., has been engaged in agricultural machinery over the years and owns knowledge on producing such hardware and large channels to the markets in Asian and other regions.

On the other hand, the client believes that not only selling the conventional operational equipment, but also providing solutions for technologically controlled agriculture and cultivation should be a help to resolve various issues, such as lack of food owing to future population growth, and to actualize their brand statement “A SUSTAINABLE FUTURE”.

The client has thus issued this open request in order to set its future direction of business developments with an eye toward the provision of solutions related to agriculture.


Anticipated Project Phases or Project Plan

All received information is presented to the client, Business Creation Division, Yanmar Co., Ltd. by NineSigma.

If any of the proposed information interests the client, the client directly contacts the proposer.

If any of the proposing organizations are judged to be especially promising by the client during communication after direct contact, the organizations will have opportunities such as investments, collaborative development or technological licensing agreements.


Possible Approaches

The client anticipates innovative technological information including, but not limited to, the following approaches able to resolve issues in conventional outdoor cultivation and environment control agriculture. We also welcome ideas and services backed up by technology.


  • Controlling production volume in respond to volatility in market demands

    • Models and algorithms to enable the forecast and the control of the crop growth


  • Adding the following values to crops:

    • Improvement of tastes and nutrition

    • Reduction of growing period


  • Greenhouse cultivation to cancel climatic change, and further to enable culture in unsuitable grounds

    • Examples of unsuitable ground: ground with high temperature and humidity, ground with low temperature, barren land, urban area, offshore, outer space, etc.


  • Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA), such as plant factory, which can be operated at lower costs

    • Lighting technology to replace LED

    • Minimizing the initial investment or materials cost for farming


  • Other technologies to enable more efficient •greenhouse cultivation and environment control agriculture

    • Three-dimensional agriculture or cultivation utilizing spaces, such as vertical farming

    • Agriculture and cultivation method not requiring soil, such as farming on water-retaining films

    • Smart agriculture technologies to enable more advanced automation and labor savings

These technologies are already apparent. The client also expects other innovative technologies to resolve any potential issues which may occur in the future.


Preferred Collaboration types
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted

Reponses should include the following items in the Proposal Template and submit it to NineSigma (


  • Information to be described in the proposal
    • Overview of the proposed agricultural/farming technology, and the applicable types of crops and regions
    • Background and history of development of the proposed technology
    • Desired collaboration style with Yanmar Co., Ltd.
    • Overview of the organization


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