Innovative High-Speed Cutting of Fibrous Materials

Request Number REQ9366340
Due Date March 16, 2018
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Innovative High-Speed Cutting of Fibrous Materials
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a major multi-billion dollar manufacturer, seeks an innovative technology for high-speed cutting of fibrous materials, such as human body hair. The client’s ultimate goal is to bring a potential technology to a next-generation body hair shaver, and accordingly design technology for blades capable of high-speed haircut is of particular interest. Apart from body hair, various technologies developed for different cutting object, including plant stem or carbon fiber is broadly welcome.


This leading manufacturer, a client of NineSigma, has been engaged in development and production of electric shavers and beauty appliances for body hair caring. The client is seeking to develop a breakthrough product to quickly shave the hair and leave smooth skin, however it seems difficult to dramatically enhance the current performance by only modifying existing shavers.

To realize such an innovative next-generation shaver, the client is aware that blade design technology capable of energy-efficient grain harvesting and ground digging is being addressed all over the world. By introducing such related technology, the client wishes to initiate a challenge to fundamentally improve the design and operating conditions of shaver blades. This open request has been issued in order to broadly invite proposals from promising organizations.


Key Success Criteria

Ultimate requirements for cutting technology to be developed

Innovative technology capable of high-speed cutting of body hair like head and chin hair. Various type of approaches are extensively invited; e.g., numerical optimization or simulation technology of the shape and/or operating conditions for existing metal blades, as well as bladeless cutting technology. Although the final goal is incorporating a promising technology into a compact shaver with the following features, the client puts so great importance to technological innovativeness that it’s completely open to technologies still being a concept with even a low possibility of implementation into a device.


  • Final requirements of a target compact shaver
    • High-speed cutting leaving a smooth skin surface (after shaving, remaining hair should be sufficiently short)
    • Compact shaver head
    • Low risk of skin damage
  • Cutting methods: The followings are merely examples, and consequently any type of method is acceptable
    • Cutting hair by mechanical shear
    • Cutting hair by thermal, chemical or other processes


Possible Approaches

Anticipated approaches include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Optimization of existing metal blades
    • Design optimization employing numerical analysis such as the finite element method for each blade section, e.g., shape, number, height, thickness, angle, pitch of the blade edge, or combined use of movable and fixed blades
    • Optimization of blade drive conditions, e.g., rotation speed, vibration speed, vibration amplitude
    • Application of supplemental energy, e.g., ultrasonic waves, heat, or others
  • Bladeless cutting technology
    • Hair cutting applying a laser, waterjet, radiation, plasma or the like


Possible technologies are not limited to those developed for haircut; a wide range of technologies are also welcome, including those with an application result for plant stems or the like. The client anticipates approx. 5 years of additional development to realize the final product.


Preferred Collaboration types
Items to be submitted

Responses will use the Proposal Template which is linked to the “attachments”  at the bottom of this page and include the following items:

  • Overview of the organization
  • Overview and uniqueness of the technology
  • Development stage (Concept level / verification level for practical implementation / already applied to various cutting technologies)
  •  Anticipated applications
  • Successful application experience to body hair cutting
  •  Request concerning patent and intellectual property rights
  • Current challenges and future development plans to achieve the final requirements


Area of Interest
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