Dust and Particle Attracting and Trapping Solutions

Request Number REQ6283451
Due Date June 5, 2015
Author Paul Musille
Request for Proposal Details
RFP Title
Dust and Particle Attracting and Trapping Solutions
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a Fortune 500 Corporation, invites proposals describing materials or methods for attracting and trapping dust lint and other particulate contamination.


Maintaining areas free from dust, lint and other particles are key components to many manufacturing processes, as well as critical to the maintenance of sensitive materials being stored or preserved. A variety of industries, such as pharmaceutical, medical, microscopy and imaging, electronics, aerospace, automotive and small part production rely on particulate control mechanisms to ensure quality control. Ninesigma’s client is seeking solutions that can be used to attract, collect and hold dust and other small particle contaminants.  Ideal solutions will not shed lint or other contaminants.



Key Success Criteria

Successful solutions will:

  • Enable the attracting and trapping of dust and other small particle contaminants and:
    • Have a high particulate holding capacity
    • Not contribute additional contaminants  
  • Not contain silicon, volatile organic compounds, or produce offensive odors



Approaches not of interest

The following approaches are not of interest:

  • Clean room and air filtering hardware




Preferred Collaboration types
Items to be submitted

Your response should address the following:

  • Non-confidential description of proposed contaminant attracting and trapping technology including:
    • Description of particulate holding capacity
    • Static and flammability descriptions
    • Description of drag properties (coefficient of friction), if applicable
    • Shelf life and stability description, if known
    • Description of breathability properties, if known
  • Technical maturity of the approach (concept, prototype, ready to commercialize, commercialized)
  • Team description and related experience
  • Etc.

Appropriate responses to this Request

Responses from companies (small to large), consultants, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs, or inventors are welcome.  For example:

You represent a company that has demonstrated a proof of concept…

You represent a university research department that has a bench-scale demonstration, and…




Area of Interest
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