Alternative Solutions for the Semi-Automated Fixation Process of Fabrics

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Due Date May 11, 2018
Author Tom Vranken
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Alternative Solutions for the Semi-Automated Fixation Process of Fabrics
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NineSigma, representing Bjerrum Nielsen A/S, is seeking to find alternative solutions for the semi-automated fixation process of fabrics to various substrate materials such as plastic, wood and metal.


NineSigma’s client, Bjerrum Nielsen A/S is a leading company in the field of industrial wet paint and surface treatment of substrates such as plastic, wood, metals. One of the core activities of Bjerrum Nielsen is the mounting of fabrics on frames. These frames can be made of metal, wood (e.g. MDF) or plastics (e.g. ABS). The frames are used in applications such as furniture, loudspeakers or other acoustic solutions.

Currently, Bjerrum Nielsen are using a semi-automated mounting process comprising 3 phases:


  1. First, a double-sided adhesive (tape) is placed manually on the back of the frame. At this stage, it is important that the outside of the tape does not yet adhere
  2. Next, the fabric is manually stretched around the frame to which the adhesive has been applied earlier
  3. Finally, a robot welds the tape through the fabric on the back of the frame. It is the welding that activates the outside of the tape, keeping the fabric in place.


Bjerrum Nielsen is looking for alternative solutions for the fixation of fabrics to different materials such as plastic, wood and metal. Primarily, they are looking for a material that can serve as an alternative double-sided adhesive. Secondly, in the ideal case, the application of the adhesive, the stretching of the fabric, and the welding of the adhesive should be fully automated.


Bjerrum Nielsen is open for a complete solution, but partial solutions are appreciated as well.


Anticipated Project Phases

Phase 1 – Evaluation of proposed materials and technologies (3 months)

Phase 2 – Implementation into the production process (up to 12 months)


Key Success Criteria

The successful alternative adhesive material should:


  • Have adhesive properties on both sides, of which one of the sides is not adhering when the other side is applied to the frame
  • Be activated by an external trigger such as temperature, pressure, ultrasound, etc.
  • Cure quickly (less than 1 second)
  • Have a minimal adhesive performance of 1400 cN/20mm to PP (performance of the current adhesive; other properties are available with NineSigma)
  • Allow substrate flexibility i.e. adherence to various types of material, with different sizes and varying shapes
  • Allow a certain level of automation, preferably full automation of the entire 3-step mounting process


Possible Approaches

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Trigger activated adhesives
  • Double-sided adhesives
  • Radio frequency adhesives
  • Delayed activation adhesives
  • Fast-curing adhesive materials
  • All-surfaces adhesives
  • Technologies that can automate the entire, or part of, the mounting process (applying, fabric stretching, welding) of fabrics to various frames


Bjerrum Nielsen is open for complete solutions, but partial solutions are appreciated as well.


Approaches not of interest

Any approach that fits the criteria will be considered.



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