“Soft” Pet Chew to Deliver Healthcare Products to Cats and Dogs

Request Number REQ1365242
Due Date February 23, 2018
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RFP Title
“Soft” Pet Chew to Deliver Healthcare Products to Cats and Dogs
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a global animal health company, invites proposals for a soft pet chew to deliver healthcare products to dogs and cats. This should be a material, base formulation or platform that can contain either Nutraceuticals and/or Probiotics, with adjustable palatability and easily reformatted to produce multiple products.


Our client wants to launch a new product line of soft pet chews that improves the pet’s health, provides a pleasurable experience for the pet, generates positive feelings in the pet owner and helps to reinforce the bond between the owner and the pet.


Our client is seeking a formulation and receipe soft pet chew that can be used to develop multiple products, containing a variety of Nutraceuticals and/or probiotics and can be adjusted to the palatability preferences of cats and dogs.


Many pet treats are hard and break into small pieces when the animal bites them. Our client does not want this. They want a soft product that does not fall apart when bitten that pets can enjoy extended chewing. Our client wants to launch a new line of soft chew products that look attractive and stand out from the competition.


Key Success Criteria

A formulation, receipe and manufacturing process:

  • To create a range of soft pet chews
  • “Soft”, chewable and malleable. Does not break into pieces when bitten. Can be made into different shaped products.
  • Can be chewed for 1 to 2 minutes
  • Compatible with different active therapeutic ingredients. Does not require the active ingredients to have particular biological or physical characteristics
  • Can contain a minimum of 300-500 mg (Nutraceuticals) or a minimum of 20 mg (Probiotics) active active ingredients per chew
  • In the case of probiotics, ensure a barrier effect against water and oxygen
  • Physical form and palatability can be adjusted to suit the preferences of different animals
  • Can be made into different shapes for example: a bone, a mouse, etc
  • As natural as possible, contains only natural preservatives, or no preservatives
  • With further development: will have a shelf life of minimum two years
  • With further development: a cost efficient manufacturing process


Possible Approaches

  • Open to all approaches that meet the described requirements. 


Approaches not of interest

  • A hard product that breaks into pieces when bitten
  • Chewable tablets
  • Pressed powders
  • Products including synthetic preservatives


Preferred Collaboration types
Items to be submitted

  • Click the ‘Respond’ button at the top or bottom of the page.
  • Log in, or register for Ninesights (you will be prompted).
  • Complete the simple response form.
  • Attach additional files of information if you want to.
  • Click Submit.
  • Include palatabilty result for cats and dogs if available.


Appropriate responses will include only non-confidential information:

  • Description of proposed solution / describe for which your process is suitable (Nutraceuticals and/or Probiotics)
  • Status of technology and obstacles to be overcome (if required)
  • The unique selling point of your respective formulation / process
  • Describe how your formulation could be manufactured (for example extrusion, moulding etc) if known
  • Brief overview of the respondent(s)
  • Overview of respondent(s) organization(s)
  • A description of your / your organisations experience with producing soft chewable materials
  • If available describe your experiences in the pet sector and present palatability data
  • Please provide a list of any patent rights that you own, or have rights under, which cover your proposed solution
  • Please indicate which kind of partnering you envisage (e.g. joint development, technology acquisition, licensing etc.)


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