Seeking Experts in the Science of Fried Foods

Request Number REQ1364227
Due Date January 16, 2018
Request for Proposal Details
RFP Title
Seeking Experts in the Science of Fried Foods
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing a Global Food Brand, invites responses from individuals and organizations with significant knowledge of the chemistry and physics of fried foods. NineSigma’s client wishes to engage these experts for a variety of potential collaborations, including development, joint ideation and compensated consulting opportunities related to its ongoing innovation efforts.


NineSigma’s client produces a variety of food products nationwide. As part of their ongoing commitment to product development and innovation, they seek insights and knowledge from experienced professionals in a variety of areas, including:
  • Chemical reactions in and on fried products
  • Bonding mechanisms at work in fried products
  • Surface physics of fried products
  • Formation and destruction of microstructures in and on fried products
  • Novel methods for impacting fried products:
    • Taste
    • Texture
    • Mouthfeel
  • Novel equipment for the production of fried products



Key Success Criteria

The ideal expert partner will:

  • Have significant experience in, one or more of the following industries or disciplines:
    • Food science
      • Food chemistry
      • Food physics
    • Food manufacturing or processing
    • Research and development
    • Food Industry operations
      • Processing
      • Equipment
      • Consumer experience
  • Insight into the mechanisms at work during the production of fried products:
    • Chemistry of cooking, frying
    • Physics of cooking, frying
  • Be able to assist the client in developing, identifying and/or recommending technologies, designs, partners or suppliers to achieve their stated end goals


Preferred Collaboration types
  • Consulting
Items to be submitted

To respond to this Expert opportunity, please follow the link below to access and complete our Expert Capabilities Form.  Note that you will need a copy of your CV, resume, or professional bio in order to complete the form.  You may also wish to provide any other supplemental information highlighting your expertise in this field.


Expert Capabilities Form for REQ1364227




Area of Interest
  • Consumer Products
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