Soft-touch, Chemically Resistant Plastics for Injection-molding

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Due Date December 15, 2017
Author Tom Vranken
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Soft-touch, Chemically Resistant Plastics for Injection-molding
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NineSigma, representing a large manufacturer of dispensing solutions for cosmetic products, invites proposals for low-durometer, injection moldable elastomers, or technologies that eventually result in very soft materials. Additionally, the material has to be resistant/compatible with nearly all cosmetic ingredients.


NineSigma’s client is a large manufacturer of plastic dispensing systems that are widely-used in consumer products in the food, pharma and cosmetics industries. Their current plastic dispensing systems are mainly Polypropylene or Polyethylene based, used for injection molding and are compatible with cosmetic ingredients.

In order to further improve the consumer’s experience, our client is looking for a novel, low-durometer material (hardness of shore A 25 – 75), that has a very soft touch and that can be injection molded. Moreover, the final material should be resistant to cosmetics which consist of various solvents (e.g. Isododecane), UV filters, waxes, pigments and preservatives.


Next to novel materials, our client is also interested in alternative technologies that will improve the properties of the current thermoplastics, and in experts who are familiar with the injection molding of low durometer elastomers.

Key Success Criteria

The successful thermoplastic material has to:

  • Have a soft touch (shore A between 25 and 75)
  • Be chemically resistant to cosmetic ingredients (limited swelling, no shrinkage and no material migration)
  • Be compatible with injection molding


Good to have:

  • FDA and European food contact approval (if available)
  • Durable shelf life (>2 years)
  • Bi-injectable
  • Expertise in injection molding of low-durometer elastomers (consulting)

Possible Approaches

Possible approaches might include, but are not limited to:

  • Novel developments in thermoplastic elastomers
  • Additives that increase the chemical resistance of the current thermoplastic elastomers
  • Surface treatments that increase the chemical resistance of the current thermoplastic elastomers
  • Shape memorizing materials
  • Alternative low-durometer elastomers
  • Other approaches which lead to the chemically resistant soft thermoplastic

Approaches not of interest

The following approaches are not of interest:

  • Non-injectable materials (Except when the solution provider offers an already-transformed material)
  • Materials with a shore A >75
  • Toxic materials

Preferred Collaboration types
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The Statement of Interest form includes a few checkboxes and text boxes for a short description of your material/technology/company. Only non-confidential information may be submitted.

Interest in consultancy: Please provide information of previous achievements to demonstrate your competences and fill in your contact details in the Statement of Interest form.


Please follow this link to fill out the Statement of Interest form.


Please contact Tom Vranken,,  if you are interested in submitting a Statement of Interest or if you need assistance with submitting your proposal using the survey.


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