Breakthrough Technology for Effective CO2 Utilization

Request Number REQ9347403
Due Date September 20, 2017
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RFP Title
Breakthrough Technology for Effective CO2 Utilization
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing an Electric Utility in Japan, invites proposals for breakthrough technologies for effectively utilizing CO2 in exhaust gas from thermal power plants. Of interest are from technologies ready for launch in pilot scale to those under basic research.


Extremely high volume of CO2 is emitted from thermal power plants. The client of this request is determined to explore effective use method of CO2 as well to reduce CO2 emission from the plants. With all their search efforts, however, they have not yet identified large enough opportunities to utilize extremely high volume of CO2, and technologies that can process CO2 at environmentally and economically sustainable manner.


Research and development of CO2 utilization is intensifying. Collaborative or consortium efforts are increasing based on various technical approaches, e.g., chemical, physical or biological processing. To fulfill their mission, the client has issued this request and globally seek best in class partner.


Key Success Criteria

Development goal of anticipated technology

  • Can utilize extremely high volume of CO2, if successfully commercialized
  • Can utilize CO2 in a valuable manner, with a minimal increase in total cost
  • Can utilize CO2 with a minimal generation, if any, of harmful substance to environments

CO2 to be utilized or processed

  • CO2 contained in exhaust gas from thermal power plant, or the purified CO2 from those contained in the exhaust gas
    • CO2 concentration ranges from 98% (in case of high concentration) to 10% (in case of low concentration)


Anticipated partners are, for instance, as follows:
  • Companies that have technologies validated in pilot scale and seek partner that can provide a huge volume CO2 supply source
  • Companies, research institutes or universities that have breakthrough technologies and seek opportunities to scale up and validate the technology in pilot scale
  • University, research institute or consortium that seek industrial partners to develop breakthrough technologies


Possible Approaches

Anticipated utilization scenarios of CO2 are, but not limited to the following:

  • Fixation to carbonate or high molecular compound
  • Generation of energy such as methane or algae bio fuel
  • Synthesis of valuable materials via artificial photosynthesis that uses CO2
  • Use as fuel recovering or power generation medium
  • Other scenarios enabled by technologies that can process CO2 at low cost


Preferred Collaboration types
  • Joint Development
  • Technology Licensing
  • Supply Agreement
Items to be submitted

Responses should use the Proposal Template which is linked to the “attachments“ shown at the bottom of this page and include the following items:


  • Overview of proposed technology
    • Purpose of CO2 utilization: (fixation / energy generation / material synthesis via artificial photosynthesis / fuel recovering or power generation medium / others enabled by low cost processing technologies)
    • Technology category: (chemical process/ physical process / biological process / other)
    • Principle and configuration of technology
    • Originality and innovativeness of technology
    • Development stage: (under basic research / under lab experiment / verified in pilot scale / commercialized / other)
  • Current performance
    • Volume of CO2 that can be utilized per proposed solution
    • Time duration of CO2 fixation
    • Concentration of CO2 that can be successfully processed
    • Source of CO2 supply that you can access today
  • Challenges and development direction for utilizing huge amount of CO2 at low cost
  • Inquires toward collaborative efforts
    • Style of collaboration: (joint development / forming a consortium or inviting to a consortium / pilot scale system supply / licensing / other)
    • Project budget (rough estimation)
    • Any other inquiry

·       Achievements of proposed technologies (presentation material, papers, etc.)


Respondents should submit proposals using the attached Response Template.


The client will review submitted proposals and possibly ask clarifying questions before selecting the most suitable candidates for collaboration. The client will select the best candidate(s) through evaluations. During the selection process, the client may execute non-disclosure agreements (NDA) with selected respondent(s), seek further information disclosure, and discuss specific development targets or potential opportunities. The client will execute necessary agreement(s) with the selected respondent(s) and move to the proof of concept and/or technology development. Specifics of any collaboration will be determined through consultation with the concerned parties.


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