Application of Real World Data/Big Data to Drug Discovery

Request Number REQ5333809
Due Date March 31, 2017
Author Seh-Rin Sung
Request for Proposal Details
RFP Title
Application of Real World Data/Big Data to Drug Discovery
RFP Description

NineSigma, representing Daiichi Sankyo Co., Ltd. (, seeks a development partner possessing methodologies or analytical systems for applying information such as Real world data (RWD) or Big data (BD) to drug discovery.


Proposal are welcome from any organization that may not have technologies applicable to drug discovery at present but is willing to collaborate  with the client to achieve their final goals.


Daiichi Sankyo envisions leveraging RWD/BD especially for the drug discovery for pain and expects technologies which are ultimately applicable to this therapeutic area.



Recently, extensive efforts have been made to make use of patient information (RWD) obtained in clinical practice to improve the success rate in drug development, identify populations in which a medicine is effective, and fill gaps between clinical research and practical use.


The client also seeks to meet unmet medical needs appropriately by making drug discovery originating from practical clinical data, and hence decided to issue this open request to seek an promising organization to collaborate with to achieve the above goal.


Key Success Criteria

Intended data

The client assumes information involved in RWD/BD will be obtained in clinical practice as below; however, it welcomes other proposals utilizing data reflecting patients’ health conditions and medication status:

·      Prescription information;

·      Treatment effects

·      Adverse effect information.


Not intended data

Data obtained solely from “omics” (genomics, transcriptomics, proteomics, epigenomics, metabolomics) are excluded. 


Possible Approaches

Expectations for Partner Organization

The client expects to collaborate with an organization that has the following RWD/BD analysis technology:

  • Technology enabling the extraction of necessary information from any particular database
  • Data analysis/interpretation with IT/AI technology
  • The organization should have established fundamental technologies, and desirably have a track record in drug discovery or medical use.

In addition, the possession of a unique database to take advantage of RWD is desirable. 


Final Goals

In collaboration with the partner organization, Daiichi Sankyo aims to realize the following:

  • Identification of new drug target(s)
  • Clarification of the mechanism of adverse effects of drugs
  • Application of existing drugs to other diseases (drug re-positioning)

The client is seeking to realize these goals in one of its strongest areas, pain. Although the applicant’s technology may not be applicable at present, it should be applicable to pain area  in this collaboration.


Preferred Collaboration types
Items to be submitted

Anticipated Project Plan

Step 1:

Any organization wishing to collaborate with Daiichi Sankyo should submit a proposal to Ogata at NineSigma ( using Proposal Template linked below. If you have difficulties with filling the response template, applicants can also submit materials describing items mentioned in “Items to be Included in the Proposal”.

(Proposal Template: REQ5333809)


Step 2:

First, Daiichi Sankyo will perform initial screening internally and NineSigma will provide notification of the result. The following process will be explained to organizations that pass the initial screening at that time.


Step 3:

After starting direct communication with the client, the parties will directly discuss detailed agreements for collaboration.


Items to be Included in the Proposal

Responses will use the Proposal Template which is linked to the “attachments“ shown at the bottom and include the following items:


  • Type of technology proposed (data analysis technology/database)
  • Uniqueness of the technology proposed
  • Basis for applicability for drug development
  • Research/development stage
  • Future research/development plans
  • Desired collaboration style with the client (such as budget, division of roles with the client)
  • Related intellectual properties
  • Organization overview and past achievements


Area of Interest
Request Priority