Heating Technologies for use in Tobacco Based Vaporizer

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Due Date February 24, 2017
Author Steve Groves
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Heating Technologies for use in Tobacco Based Vaporizer
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NineSigma, representing a leading international tobacco product manufacturer, invites proposals for a miniature heating unit suitable for heating tobacco in a battery-powered vaporizer. The unit must rapidly heat in a controllable fashion to a pre-set temperature without the risk of over-heating.


Tobacco-based vaporizers use a battery powered heating element to heat tobacco to a high temperature in order to release vapors that are inhaled by the user. A disadvantage of many existing heating units is that the temperature cannot be accurately controlled and there is a risk of overheating the tobacco, which then gives a poor or unpleasant flavor/taste sensation for the user.


This project aims to find a supplier for a superior heating unit that will rapidly heat the tobacco to a pre-set temperature without the risk of overheating and burning the tobacco. The heating needs to be uniform to ensure all tobacco is heated to the desired temperature.


Key Success Criteria

Our client is seeking a supplier for a heating unit, comprising:

  • Miniature heating element
  • Integrated temperature control mechanism to accurately regulate the heating
  • Control electronics


The heating unit should have the following properties:

  • Suitable for operation with a rechargeable (nominal 3.7V) battery as the power source
  • Capable of heating from room temperature to 350 degrees C within 3 seconds
  • Able to preset a small number of temperatures
  • Able to control  the temperature to within +/- 5 degrees C
  • The complete unit to fit within a maximum volume of 10mm x 10mm x 10mm
  • All components need to comply with RoHS legislation
  • Ready to be assessed by client by just filling tobacco substrate in it

Possible Approaches

Our client is seeking a supplier who can design and prototype a heating unit.


Any heating technology and approach that is able to match the success criteria will be considered. The temperature might be controlled via a sensor incorporated within the heating element itself or via a discrete sensor located close to the area of heating, but alternative control mechanisms will also be considered.


Our client is open to suggestions regarding the exact method by which the tobacco may be heated and innovative approaches are welcomed.


Approaches not of interest

  • Suppliers who can only supply the heating element and not a complete unit
  • Suppliers who are unable to design and produce a working prototype


Preferred Collaboration types
Items to be submitted

Appropriate responses will include only non-confidential information and address the following:

  • A description of the heating and temperature control technologies proposed
  • A description of the tobacco heating method(s) envisaged, including uniformity of heating
  • Identify which elements of the design would be “bought in” and which elements would be developed and/or manufactured by the supplier
  • Evidence that the supplier would be able to produce a working prototype
  • Status of technology and obstacles to be overcome (if required)
  • How any potential safety issues might be addressed in the overall design of the vaporizer
  • Brief overview of the respondent(s) behind the proposal
  • A description of your / your organisation’s experience with e-cigarettes (if any)
  • Confirm you are open to engage in a feasibility study (when there are appropriate contracts)
  • IP ownership / policy / freedom to operate



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