Experts in Thermoset Materials

Request Number REQ7327671
Due Date November 2, 2016
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Experts in Thermoset Materials
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NineSigma, on behalf of INVISTA, the world's largest integrated fiber, resin, and intermediates company, is seeking Experts in thermoset materials and products. The Client is most interested in those with industry knowledge of chemistry and chemical functionality, specialty thermosets, and high temperature thermoset resins. Materials scientists, plastics engineers, and those with knowledge of resin chemistries are encouraged to participate in this survey.


INVISTA has  developed a new polyamide that appears to function as a high-temperature thermoset. The material is similar in functionality to UF resins. The polymer exhibits a high temperature melting point, and a moderate level of moisture absorbance. INVISTA would like to identify applications developers to open new market channels for INVISTA intermediates.



Key Success Criteria

INVISTA will evaluate experts based on specific criteria (click Respond button), and contact selected experts for further information based on the submitted criteria.


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