Experts in Topical Menthol-Induced Pain Relief Mechanisms

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Due Date December 16, 2015
Author Nick Kacsandi
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Experts in Topical Menthol-Induced Pain Relief Mechanisms
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NineSigma, on behalf of a Global Specialty Products Manufacturer, is seeking Subject Matter Experts with in-depth knowledge, ongoing research or clinical expertise related to topical menthol-induced pain relief responses. Experts from across the landscape of industry, consulting and academia are invited to respond by filling out the short Expert Capabilities Form linked in the “Items to be Submitted” section below.


NineSigma’s client has established a robust knowledge base around the superficial effects of topical treatments on pain, specifically with regards to menthol. Through their development efforts, they have identified the TRPM8 receptor as being potentially influential in the regulation of pain responses in human subjects, based on animal models.


However, questions remain with regards to the specific internal biological impacts of menthol on TRPM8 and other pain receptors, and the means of optimizing menthol delivery to achieve sustained pain relief. Furthermore, there are competing theories regarding the impacts and mechanisms by which menthol-loading elicits pain relief. The understanding of topically-applied menthol’s mechanism on pain relief is often clouded by research using different models (animal v. human), differing concentrations, various outcomes (pain, blood flow, etc) and other delivery mechanisms (skin v. oral) of menthol.


The client seeks to identify a qualified industry Expert with robust knowledge and experience to act as a third-party consultant and source of up-to-date scientific information on the topic. Of specific interest are Experts with deep understanding of:

• Factors influencing activity of the TRPM8 receptor as it relates to pain relief in humans

• Factors related to the mechanism and dosage of topical menthol on the skin and receptors

• Related receptor mechanisms in human subjects

• Relationship between menthol concentration and pain relief response


Key Success Criteria

The ideal Expert will have the requisite background and experience to clearly explain and answer targeted questions regarding any or all the following items:

• How the TRPM8 receptor works in humans

○ Responses to topically-applied menthol and/or induced pain relief

○ Thresholds for stimulation based on menthol activation

○ Duration of receptor saturation upon stimulation by menthol

• Additional factors or receptors (other than TRPM8) needed to activate topical pain relief

• Menthol concentration and delivery mode required to activate pain relief

○ Either at the TRPM8 receptor or otherwise

• Requirements to maintain stimulation / saturation for continuous pain relief from topical menthol

• Effects of menthol concentration on pain relief in human subjects

○ Half-life of topically-applied menthol

○ Limits to the pain relief effect

○ Effectiveness of continuous release versus timed burst release of menthol applied topically

○ Concentrations necessary to maintain pain relief

• Compare / contrast of menthol versus methyl salicylate with regards to the above items

○ Efficacy of combining these two for greater pain relief


Potential experts may be involved in a wide range of technical disciplines, including – but not limited to:

• Pain Management

• Topical Pharmacokinetics

• Skin Science

• Dermatology

• Drug Delivery

• Applied Biology

• Clinical Medicine

• Pharmacology


Preferred Collaboration types
  • Consulting
  • To Be Negotiated
Items to be submitted

To respond to this project, please use this Expert Capabilities Form. You will be asked to provide relevant details as well as have the opportunity to attach up to three (3) supporting documents. All completed submissions will be presented to our client for their review. All proposals submitted must be of a non-confidential nature.


If you have technical questions related to this project, please contact Nick Kacasndi, M.S. at


If you need assistance for other aspects related to this project, please contact the NineSigma Provider Help Desk at or 1-216-283-3901




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