Seeking Experts in Fault and Failure Modeling Systems

Request Number REQ3292603
Due Date December 14, 2015
Author Nick Kacsandi
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Seeking Experts in Fault and Failure Modeling Systems
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NineSigma, representing a Tier 1 Integrated Systems Provider, seeks Subject Matter Experts and other Qualified Partners to participate in a range of compensated activities related to iterative model-based approaches for Fault Tree Analysis (FTA) and Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA) in hydro-mechanical and electromechanical systems development. Experts with extensive experience, in-depth knowledge and documented professional success from across the landscape of industry, consulting and academia are invited to respond.


Aerospace systems and their components are subject to stringent regulations for performance and safety in the end application. Manufacturers – such as NineSigma’s client – generate complex fault and failure analyses to validate the performance of their products against these stated requirements. Such analyses often incorporates millions of interrelated data points that are generated both internally by the client and externally at various suppliers and vendors. The process can involve time-consuming simulations that can require weeks or months to run to completion. Furthermore, many existing tools and analytical methodologies involve primarily manual processes that are not easily replicable and do not support the dynamic nature of modern day systems development.


The client seeks to develop a modular and iterative model-based approach to streamline their FTA and FMEA process and rapidly substantiate the data. A holistic error model would allow engineers to parse the analysis into its component parts, which would easily interface with other internal systems. Similar technologies are readily available in other areas such as the automotive industry. However, the specified design for such software is not optimal for aerospace applications, which requires strict adherence to SAE Standard ARP4761.


The client has significant expertise in the development of embedded software for their existing applications, and they seek to extend that knowledge towards the implementation of an integrated, iterative fault and failure modeling system. They seek to identify external industry experts who can provide their internal teams with the direction, insights and industry connections required move forward with this initiative.



Key Success Criteria

The ideal expert partner will:

  • Have in-depth understanding of both fault tree analysis AND failure mode and effects analysis
    • Ideally, in an Aerospace context.
  • Have a high degree of competency with engineering models and software engineering
  • Be familiar with and have a working knowledge of SAE Standard ARP4761
    • Guidelines and Methods for Conducting the Safety Assessment Process on Civil Airborne Systems and Equipment”
  • Be able to assist the client in developing, identifying and/or recommending technologies, designs, partners or suppliers to achieve their stated end goals


Potential experts may be involved in a wide range of technical disciplines, including but not limited to process engineering, software engineering, systems integration, aerospace, automotive, military, defense, rail, power and energy, chemicals and materials, or data analytics.



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To respond to this Expert opportunity, please follow the link below to access and complete our Expert Capabilities Form.  Note that you will need a copy of your CV, resume, or professional bio in order to complete the form.  You may also wish to provide any other supplemental information highlighting your expertise in this field.



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