High Heat Thermoplastic Fiber For Comingling Natural Fiber for Mat Applications

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Author Kevin Andrews
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A high heat performance thermoplastic fiber for coupling with natural fiber to create a mat that is compression formed into an automotive interior panels.


What are we looking for:
A new best in class thermoplastic fiber that melts at a temperature lower than 200C but yet in its application doesn’t soften or creep after molding until it reaches a temperature that is higher than 130C, when co-mingled with a natural fiber to create mats for compression molded automotive panels.


The typical polypropylene fiber that we have co-mingled with natural fiber to create panels in the automotive interior are selected because they are low-cost and they melt at a low temperature. 
The panels made with the current polypropylene fiber have a difficult time passing the new automotive test standards which require 120 ⁰C sunlamp. This test can cause distortion and warping.  The upper limit for process temperature is 200 ⁰C to protect the natural fiber from decomposition.
We are interested in any type of thermoplastic fiber for optimum process and in-application heat performance.
Key Success Criteria
  • Typical fiber length is 50mm (2") +/- 25mm, suitable for processing on a carding machine
  • Mat density (before compression molding) < 1400GSM 
  • Low Cost (competitive with standard polypropylene fiber)
  • Melts at temperature between 130 and 200⁰C 
  • Domestic supply desired (NA, EU and AP)


Possible Approaches
  • Methods to modify PP to have higher heat resistance or higher melting temperature
  • Alternative thermoplastic resins


Approaches not of interest



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Kevin Andrews
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Yanfeng Automotive Interiors
Due Date
February 27, 2017
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