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"Save and continue" does not finish submission

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I submitted a response for request. I pressed save and continue after submitting all the necessary info. The page just said that my info was saved successfully and I can see that my response has a status "draft". But as far as I remember when we are finished with submitting we should receive a confirmation email and status should be "Submitted" or something, but not remain as "draft". Can you please help with this?

RE: "Save and continue" does not finish submission
10/26/17 9:09 AM as a reply to Ognjen Gagrica.
You are correct - the option to "Save and Continue" does not officially submit a response to a project. It only saves the current draft response and allows you to continue to work on it.

If you are satisfied with the response you've created, please log into your account & navigate to the proposal you would like to submit. From the 'Actions' button, select "Edit' - this will take you into your response. At the bottom of the page, there is a checkbox that asks you to confirm that your proposal does not contain any confidential information. When you check that box, the 'Submit' button becomes active. Clicking on 'Submit' will then formally submit your proposal to our system.

Once your proposal has been officially submitted, you will receive an automated confirmation message. Additionally, the online status will change from 'Draft' to 'Awaiting NS Review'. 

Should you have specific questions about your proposal, please contact the Provider Help Desk at phd@ninesigma.com 

RE: "Save and continue" does not finish submission
10/26/17 9:20 AM as a reply to Provider Help Desk.
Thanks a lot!