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images included in response form

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images included in response form
10/6/17 6:27 AM
I have included some images in the response form I have filled for the "Circular Materials Challenge". The images appear as icons on the form, and I have no way of knwoing if they will be correctly shown as images. Could you please check that for that specific submission?

Thanks in advance,


RE: images included in response form
10/6/17 6:40 AM as a reply to David Espinosa Duran.

Looking over your submission, I'm afraid I see neither icons nor images in your proposal. One option to consider to ensure that your images display exactly as you would like them: append them in a supporting document (Word, PDF, PowePoint, etc). You can label each image as you see fit and then reference that label in the text of your proposal. All of the information included in your proposal, including attachments, will be shared with our client.

Should you wish to modify your proposal, you can do so up to the submission deadline. Please use the following steps to locate your proposal:
  1. Log into NineSights using the "Log In" button in the top right corner of your screen.
  2. Click on "Control Center" in the top left corner of your screen. (Above the NineSights logo)
  3. Click "Responses" in the black bar under the NineSights logo. 
  4. Open the filtering menu by clicking "Filtering."
  5. Under "Type," choose Grand Challenges. Click "Go." 
  6. You will see your responses in a list. In the right-most column of the desired response, click "Actions" and select "Edit"  which will allow you to update your response. Be sure to re-submit after updating.

Should you need more assistance, please email the Provider Help Desk at PHD@ninesigma.com