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3/17/17 7:16 PM

In your e-mail after stating that my response is rejected,
for various reasons, you then state that

"Please note that you can respond to this publication again."

Could you please clarify this, if an idea/product is rejected,
why would anybody respond to the same publication again?

Am I misunderstanding something here?

Thank you
Vedat Bilgin

RE: Re-submission
3/20/17 6:58 AM as a reply to Vedat Bilgin.

The automatic notification does contain language about the potential to re-submit a proposal. You are always welcome to re-submit a proposal with new, additional information that could help our client evaluate your technology. That said, our client may still decline to review the updated submission.

Alternatively, you are also able to submit your technology again to a different NineSigma client.

RE: Re-submission
3/23/17 6:22 PM as a reply to Provider Help Desk.
Hello again,

May I ask another question; suppose that I have a better product for your client
than the product they have approved already, but whoever reading my submission
may not be able to see easily the differences in the technologies offered/involved, so that
the natural result I get is an outright rejection, is there a way to appeal to a higher body, or
in short, how can I put my case forward?.

Thank you.

RE: Re-submission
3/24/17 7:56 AM as a reply to Vedat Bilgin.

If you have another technology for our client to consider, please feel free to submit your non-confidential proposal. If this new technology offers advantages/differences between either a previously used technology or a technology that has been previously rejected, be sure to highlight those differences.

If our client has already indicated that a particular technology or approach is not currently of interest, we will consult with our client prior to delivery of that proposal to gauge their level of interest to reconsider the technology.